Friday, September 22, 2017

Wherein I pontificate and prognosticate

The US Constitution is dead.  It's fertilizing the soil, pushing up the daisies.  It's an ex-document.  It's been dead for at least 80 years (killed by progressive socialists) , and its rotten stench is what's wrong with America now.

So, how do we make a new constitution, and what should it have in it?  The previous Constitution (RIP) was written by a large group of passionate men who agreed and disagreed on principles.  They had recently fought a war for independence from a great power, separating themselves forever from the motherland.  They had different backgrounds and interests.  What they had in common was a vision of a free and prosperous America, with a very limited federal government holding the States together and protecting them from foreign attack.  The federal government was to handle foreign affairs, war (also a type of foreign affair), settle disputes between the states, and set basic standards (related to settling disputes).  Oh, and deliver the mail.  That's about it.

How do we get back to that limited vision of government?  Is it even desirable, not to mention possible?

I believe the the US is headed for a reckoning, simply because I keep my eyes and ears open, and have some basic background in reality and history.  Stein's Law will always hold true - if something can't go on forever, it must eventually stop.  The US is $20 trillion dollars in debt now.  The national debt doubles roughly every eight years - two presidential terms.  Did you know that in 2015, debt payments took up over 7% of all federal revenues?  That fiscal year, we spent $229 billion paying for old debt, and added $583 billion in new debt.  Mandatory spending (medicare/aid, social security, welfare, etc.) occupied 76% of revenues.  The US government spent 50% more on health care alone than it did on defense that year.  And this was before the Obamacare boondoggle spending had really started.

This can't continue.  Therefore, it must end.  According to current projections, by 2033, debt payments will consume all federal revenues.  By 2033, social security will consume all federal revenues.  By 2033, health care spending will consume all federal revenues.  By 2033, all other welfare programs combined will consume all federal revenues.  Do the math.  We're talking about mandatory spending equaling 400% of revenues.  This simply can't work.  But it's what we will stumble into if we don't change things now.

By now, I mean by 2020.  During President Trump's first term, it will be possible to fix these problems, but the solutions will be painful.  By 2024, the solutions will be excruciatingly, "Mommy make the bad man stop" painful.  After then, failure mode is inevitable.  None of this is new.  Ross
Perot ran on a platform of fixing these problems, which were easily foreseen.

We must elect new politicians to fix this mess.  We can't count on the same old ones - they've been ignoring the coming catastrophe for literally decades.  But we clearly seem unable to do so.  So we're going to have to shake up, or break, the political status quo.

One way is with new parties.  After all, small parties have been the lifeblood of American politics since the founding.  Not.  For better or worse, the American system doesn't seem to admit or tolerate the existence of more than two major political parties.  It's been tried.

Another way is to influence the existing parties to do better.  We see how well the Republican party learned its lesson after the 2006-2008 election cycles.  They've gained the majorities in both houses, as well as the Preidency, and are now using their power to do everything their base wanted them to do.  President Trump has accomplished his meager goals of building a border fence and repealing Obamacare, which every Republican candidate vowed to repeal and/or replace.  Train loads of illegal alien invaders are daily being repatriated to Mexico, from whence they came.  Immigration by anti-civilizational Muslims (that is to say, all Muslims) has been banned, and those who came in before are being sent back to their homelands.  The Tea Party wing of the Republican caucus is respected, admired, and nearly revered by the rest of the party members, as well as the donor class.   Oh wait, none of that has happened.  None of it is likely to happen.  All of it needs to happen for America to survive as America.

That leaves few legal options.  Mark Levin recommended a convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution.  I do believe this idea is the last, best hope for a peaceful resolution to the current crises.  But I have no faith that it will actually happen at all, much less in time to do any good.

You see, I understand history and basic human nature.  No politician is ever going to upset an apple cart to prevent a catastrophe that can't be seen from an earthworm's eye view.  Where's the money in it for them?  That leaves the historic method of solving these problems.

Rivers of blood.  Given the current population, make that oceans of blood.

On the other side of this ocean is a shore which we can not see.  There is a shore, of course.  Not all of us will reach that shore - some of us must be sacrificed to the sea.  I can see a future, twenty or thity years from now, where the population of these United States is between 150-200 million souls.  This future involves over a hundred million dead or displaced people, and results in a new and different America.  It might possibly be a better place, but that's not guaranteed.

I can also see a future, twenty or thirty years from now, where the population is over 400 million souls, a minority of which consider themselves American.  There will still be a place on world maps called America, but the America that we know and love will be dead.  It will have dies by assisted suicide, as it lacked the will to live.  When it is preferable to kneel before the stranger's knife than to acknowledge the existence of the stranger, is the final act murder or suicide?

We can change our Constitution now, or after veritable oceans of blood have been spilt; or we can wait for strangers to dictate how we shall live in what used to be our own lands.  The only thing we can't do is continue on as we have been.  That is not an option.  Stein's Law always holds.

Changes, they are a' coming.  Which way will the wind blow your family?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

So there I was, knee deep in Albania...

So there I was, knee deep in mud in Albania in the spring of '99 in support of the Kosovo war. (Others may have not even noticed it happening.) My team go a call to go out in support of another unit, leaving in 30 minutes. It was an overnight outing, out and back to the base area. We were honestly looking forward to spending some time out of the mud.

Interesting side note - the Tirana airport is built on flat land between the mountains and the sea, where two rivers meet. The area has been used as sheep pasture for all of recorded history, and probably long before that. Guess what happens here in the spring, when the rains come and the snow melts? Now, guess what it smells like. And how deep it is when thousands of troops walk on it for weeks on end, not to mention vehicles. This is where I learned the real reason for tracked vehicles. Over 90% of the deployed troops developed foot infections and injuries. MY boss and I personally saved one young woman's life one night near the port-a johns. Which, incidentally, didn't get emptied for three weeks, because the honey trucks couldn't drive through the mud. You couldn't dig latrines in it, either.

Anyways, we threw our rucks in the truck, along with a couple boxes of MREs and jerry cans of fuel and water, and spent the next twenty minutes getting the truck moving. (You know the mud is bad when you have to dig down so you can open the doors of a HMMWV.) We eventually got moving, and found the unit before it moved out the gate. The convoy was about an hour late, because the planners aren't the ones who have to dig the vehicles out of the mud. So, off we went into the evening light, looking to our overnight excursion.

We came back 40 days later. We hadn't packed up any cots, so we slept sitting up in the seats. (The driver got to sleep on the hood.) The body armor and helmets really helped to keep us warm at night, because we couldn't use the sleeping bags while sitting up in those cramped seats. I did mention that it was spring, right? Forty degrees and rainy.

Lessons learned - Shared misery builds strong teams. You learn to make do, or do without. What you need is really a small fraction of what you want. Bring everything every time, because you never know. Food, water, fuel, ponchos, and dry socks are necessities.

Whither quantum gravity?

Ah, the secular Holy Grail of science - quantum gravity.  This, along with joining gravity with the other four forces into a Theory of Everything, has been sought by physicists for decades.  In teaching myself about relativity and quantum mechanics, I kept running across speculations into this specialty field over and over.  It asks the most fundamental questions possible - what is mass, what is matter, what are space and time, what is gravity, how does any of this happen, and so forth.  Deep, deep questions without answers.

I now say, not quite so humbly, that in my learning and thought experiments that I seem to have accidentally come up with a workable theory of quantum gravity.  It is a summary of what I've been thinking and writing about here on this blog, which almost nobody ever reads.  (I have yet to receive a single comment here.)  The trick lies in thinking differently and attempting to see clearly.  Everything is part of everything else.  All things are related.  You can't think about gravity without accounting for everything else.

Gravity is not a force.  This is nothing new.  Einstein posited it in his famous papers.  Gravity is not a force - it is an effect.  People researching quantum gravity seem to keep forgetting this.  They keep looking for gravitons.  For there to be gravitons, there would have to be a force of gravity.  There is no such force.  So, stop thinking about gravitons, and as gravity as a an attractive force.  It simply isn't.

Gravity is an effect of "curved space-time".  What is this space-time, and how does it curve?  It is simply another field.  It does not curve or bend like a sheet of cellophane, but it does have energy gradients.  The key here is that is does not have a base energy of zero.  It has a perfectly enormous base energy.  This is because every other field, every other force, every bit of energy, mass, and matter is subtracted from the space-time energy field (STEF).  What is the base value of STEF?  I have no idea - I'm not a real physicist, and I haven't done calculus since I was a freshman in college several decades ago.  (I keep meaning to.  I've got a calculus book in sight right now.)

The key here is that STEF is quantized.  All other fields draw energy from it, but only in discreet (very tiny) chunks.  This energy draw is then spread across the energy field in an inverse-square fashion, because otherwise space-time would be full of discontinuities, which clearly doesn't happen.  This happens instantly, and has an infinite range.  STEF is not subject to speed of light restrictions.  (Neither is any other quantum field.  I have no idea why scientists simply don't like to talk about it, or even admit it openly.)  Let me say that again - STEF , like all quantum fields, is infinitely large and infinitely fast.  Waves in energy fields, on the other hand, are restricted to light speed transmission.

So, we have a quantized field, from which all other energy is drawn, with an inverse-square energy gradient.  If you think of the energy levels and gradient as a parabolic slope, we're on the right track.  What is the point of STEF?  What does it control?  Why does it exist?  All fields have a purpose.  STEF's purpose is to control velocity.  And, incidentally, perceived space and time.

Velocity is a spherical standing wave in STEF.  The lowest energy part of the sphere lies directly in the line of velocity, and the di in energy corresponds directly to the velocity.  The highest energy (higher than ambient) lies directly opposite the direction of motion.  This is why particles travel in a straight line, all other things being equal.  It's easier to think about in two dimensions, as a sine-like wave, lower in front, higher behind.

The height of the wave corresponds to the energy increase or decrease in emitted particles.  They gain energy from initially going downhill, and lose energy with an initial uphill climb.  Remember, this effect is actually spherical, and the energy loss or gain corresponds exactly to the predictions of existing physics.  Note that there is no loss when a particle is emitted at ninety degrees to the direction of motion.

The slope of the wave (related to the wave length) corresponds to the dictates of relativistic motion.  The cosine of the slope is the speed (relative to c), and the sine of the slope is the perceived space and time (as a fraction of a theoretical, non-moving reference).  I've shown the math in other posts, but it is fairly trivial if even I can do it.

Where does gravity come in?  Well, gravity is the existing slope of STEF, upon which our particle is creating a standing wave.  You add (superimpose, for the afficionado) the two to get a final motion.  Any slope in STEF will result in a particle's standing wave curving 'downslope' (unless it was already headed in that exact direction, of course) and gaining energy.  A particle moving 'upslope' will also curve (unless it is moving exactly upslope), and lose energy in the process.  Remember, all energy is quantized, so it can only be gained or lost in discrete, very tiny bits.

We call this effect "gravity".   No force carrying particle needed, because it's not a force.

Please note that the theory also works with a decreasing size of the standing wave.  This decrease in wave length increases the frequency, which is the same as increasing the energy of the standing wave.  This property helps to explain perceived space and time differences, as well as 'relativistic mass'.  Space (and thus, time) ahead of the particle (geometric center point of the standing wave) contracts, and energy increases.  Note again, that at ninety degrees to the path of motion, the standing wave is at zero.  There are no relativistic effects at that precise angle.  And the energy increases dramatically directly behind the particle, causing photons emitted in that direction to lose large amounts of energy.

The actual energy lost or gained by an emitted photon is equal to the height of the velocity curve, divided by the wavelength of that curve.  In other words, amplitude times frequency - the definition of the energy of a wave.  (I just realized that part while writing this.)

Everything checks.  Everything explained.  No apparent holes or contradictions.  Simple and elegant.  Quantum gravity, QED.  Tell your friends.

Monday, August 28, 2017

The EnLeftening of tech

The EnLeftening of tech and the internet continues.  Today's victim is "Stuff Black People Don't Like."
This time, Google was smart enough to not cancel the web page, or retract the naming rights.  It simply blocks all access to the web page to those not specifically invited to read it.  Which is, of course, no one except the owner, who may not even know this is going on.

The control-left continues its march through the tech industry and the internet.  You know, the internet that famously "treats censorship as damage and routes around it."

Leftism is a jealous god, and will admit the existence of no others.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why does the stock market keep rising?

Why does the stock market keep rising, setting record after record?  The economy really isn't that good.  All the experts agree that most stocks are wildly overpriced, compared to the performance of the companies the stocks represent.  The global economy is showing sure and certain signs of a slow down.  So why does the market keep rising?

Simple.  Supply and demand.  In this case, the supply of money and demand for stocks keeps growing, while the actual number of stocks stays relatively stagnant.  (Yes, this is a bit oversimplified, but still effectively true.)  People, millions of people, have money taken out of their paychecks every two weeks or so.  This money is transferred into their retirement accounts, whatever form they might take.  This money is then managed by brokers (who take their cut) and invested in stocks, bonds, and money market accounts.  Of these, stocks are the traditional money makers.  The bond market is terrible, and has been for years - one of the effects of very low interest rates.  Money markets aren't much better, since we're printing dollars by the container ship load.  So that leaves stocks.

Every two weeks, a new deluge of money hits the brokerage houses.  Who must then invest this money in order to justify their very existence.  So they mostly buy stocks with it.  What stocks do they buy?  The stocks that other brokerage houses are willing to sell to make a profit for their investors.  So the price goes up, and all the brokers make a little money on each trade, plus a little more in management and maintenance fees.

And two weeks later (every week, really, since companies aren't all on the same pay cycle) it all happens again.  And again.  And again.  Driving the prices ever higher, with dollars seeking stocks.

When does the market go down?  When the brokers get spooked by something, whether it's a real threat or not.  They're a bit like horses that way.  When they get spooked, they run away, selling stocks to take the lowest loss, or to lock in a long-term gain.  This is when the short sellers make their fortunes.

But the flow of money into the system keeps coming, floating all boats.  The dip ends, and the market rallies.  The prices stabilize, and then raise back up again.

When will the market start going down for a long term?  When money starts leaving the system, by people withdrawing their funds from their accounts.  Or when debts force companies, especially banks and other financial institutions, into bankruptcy.  That's when money really gets erased from the system.

Our elders have their pension funds, paid by their companies.  We have retirement accounts, dependent upon the market.  Our children have debts.

Nothing lasts forever, and the current trend of rising markets must eventually end.  When that happens, there will be a panic of selling and profit taking, driving the market prices down even faster.  This is how the system works.

The stock market, as a whole, has very little to do with the actual financial health of the companies whose stocks are traded.  It operates on the flow of money, and rumors driving the confident yet skittish herds of brokers this way and that.  Plus the occasional predator preying on the herds, and the parasites taking their drops of blood.  It is a human institution, after all.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Why gravity is so weak

Gravity - it's a real downer.  It's a drag all the time.  But it's fantastically weak.  A small refrigerator magnet can hold up a paperclip against the gravitic pull of THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH.

And nobody knows why.  Why is gravity so weak?  How weak is it?  Gravity is about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that's forty zeros, 10^40) times weaker than electromagnetism.

Please notice that that figure is in the same ballpark as the reduced Planck's constant (about 10^-34).

Please also notice that gravity, seemingly alone of all forces, actively operates in the realm of complex numbers.  Imaginary space, direction, and energy.  Which implies that space, itself, exists on the complex field, not just our real number plane.  We just experience the real number portion of it.  Maybe that's why we can't explain over 95% of the energy of the universe.

So, if gravity operates equally across all of quantised complex space, you would only expect something less than 10^-34 of that force to align exactly with the real number plane.  It's simple probability.  No extra, tiny, curled up dimensions required.  Simply advanced math and a different perspective.

So, gravity is weak because it operates in complex space, in real-number space.  We exist and interact solely with real number space and phenomena.  Hence, gravity seems weak to us.

Corollary - What if 'dark matter' is really 'imaginary matter'?  Matter existing off the real number plane of normal physics, and interacting solely along the imaginary plane?  Imaginary space, direction, time and energy?  That would make sense of dark energy, why it affects gravity (and our gravity affects it), and why it doesn't seem to interact at all with normal, real number, everyday existence.

Fun fact - when something falls into a black hole, it crosses over from the real number plane of physics to the complex field at the same moment it crosses the event horizon.  Does the speed of light have any meaning in the complex plane?  Or does it just apply here, in ordinary real-number space?  Black holes aren't dissipating with any noticeable speed, so the vast majority of the energy must be retained.  Dark matter seems to congregate around normal matter galaxies, so they are probably feeling the pull of black holes, too.  But this isn't proof.  Of course, by the nature of things we can probably never have real proof, but it's fun to think about.

I hereby label the positive imaginary axis of greater reality 'Heaven' and the negative axis 'Hell'.  They are all around us, all the time.  They're just set the width of one thought to the side, slightly out of phase with what we think of as reality.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's talk about time

Time.  We all know it.  Or do we?  There really isn't a good definition of time that doesn't refer to time.  Relativity shows that time does not pass at the same rate from all perspectives.

Let's start with some basics.  Time only goes forward.  You can't go backwards in time.  You can, however, stop in time.  Photons don't recognize the passage of time.  They don't recognize the existence of space, either, so it all averages out.

Why is this?  Think of time as a vector.  It has a starting point, a length, and it points in a direction.  If you change the length, that's just changing the length, not making it go a different direction.  If you rotate the vector, you just change the direction it's going.  It's still going from now to when.  It's just pointed in a different direction.  Even if you reverse the direction, it still points from now to when.  It's not going backwards.  Change the starting point, and you're just moving the vector around.

You can't go backwards because the vector always points to somewhere else, or to nowhere at all.  It can't point from it's starting point to somewhere before that point - there is no such place.  Unless you want to speculate that the imaginary plane of existence counts as real, and that the length and direction of the vector are written as complex numbers.  Then you might be onto something.  But without that, in our real universe working with real numbers, it's not valid.

Why do time and space contract when something moves more quickly, or when experiencing a greater force of gravity?  Because if they didn't, causality would explode.  For more on that, go read up on general and special relativity.  How does this work?  Go check out my previous blog post, and some of the earlier ones on the subject.  Summary - Spacetime is an energy field.  All other energy fields (electromagnetism, mass, etc.) draw from this field.  Momentum is a highly local (Planck length or less - my guess is 1/2 Planck length) distortion of the field around a particle.  Velocity is the sine of the slope of the energy gradient.  Time and space perception are the cosine of the slope.  Notice that perceived passage of time is at ninety degrees to the passage of space.  Thus, the fourth dimension is at right angles to the third.  Nifty, ain't it?

Is there a universal time?  Yes.  There must be.  Proof:  Using relativity, photons do not experience the passage of time.  Therefore, they do not move, they do not change, they exist in a timeless (literally) now.  However, we can see that this is utter nonsense.  Photons are created, move along predictable paths, influenced by the natural forces, change according to natural law, and eventually perish when they are absorbed upon interacting with a particle.  (Except the ones that escape into empty space forever - a possibility.)  If no time passes, how can the photon change?  A photon obviously can and does change, or red and blue shifts wouldn't happen.  So, there must be a universal tick affecting them as they move along, completely oblivious to what is happening to them.

Proof two - a particle entering a black hole experiences accelerations and gravitational shifts to perceived time.  At the moment the particle reaches the event horizon, time stops for it.  But the particle obvious continues on into the black hole, spending only an infinitesimal moment of 'real' time crossing the threshold at the speed of light.  How can it do this if there is no time for it to happen?  Universal tick.

Photons move at the rate of one smallest unit of space per one tick of the universal clock.  Please note that this is movement, velocity, momentum.  It is unrelated to spin, except that a whole (or, rather, half) number of rotations must happen per tick to keep everything even.  No, I can't prove it, but it makes sense and seems to agree with known properties.  (Particles spin faster than the speed of light.  Sort of.  It's OK, because they are really tiny, and they're not actually going anywhere.  Divide really fast speed by essentially no distance, and it all evens out.)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gravity isn't what you think it is.

I've spent a lot of the last few years learning about the principles of relativity, which leads to  study of gravity and quantum physics.  I will admit I am not a professional, trained physicist.  I passed the introductory classes in college, but that was (mumble) years ago.  I am, however, an interested and intelligent layman, and a military trained (and quite successful) analyst.  I am also quite bright, but not quite at the level of genius I have seen in a few others.  That being said, I have an idea about gravity that seems to tie all the loose threads of gravity, dark energy, and quantum physics together.  It's really quite simple and elegant, and just different enough to be off the beaten track of every day physics.

Gravity is not an attractive force.  It is a repulsive force.  It does not originate from matter, but from empty space.  Stop laughing.  I'll explain once you wipe the tears from your eyes.

Postulate an additional energy field.  Call it spacetime.  Give it a large, positive value at every point.  Quantize this energy field.  Now, from spacetime, instantaneously subtract the energy of all other fields.  Then spread that draw out in a root-square fashion, also instantaneously and infinitely.  (All quantum fields act instantaneously and infinitely, by the way.  Physicists don't like to talk about it.)

There you have it.  Gravity.  What?  You don't see it?  It's an artifact of the curvature of the energy levels of spacetime.  As the energy level slopes down, a particle would move in that direction and gain energy.  A particle moving up the energy gradient would lose energy.  We see this effect all the time, and call it gravity.

Momentum (velocity) is explained as a particle's local energy disruption.  In a sphere about the particle, imagine a lower energy level in the direction of travel, neutral energy levels ninety degrees to that direction, and higher energies opposed to the direction of travel.  These energy levels interact with the ambient energy of spacetime to create the interaction of gravity with motion.  It also explains the blue and redshifts of photons, as they gain or lose energy climbing out of the local energy field of the particle which created them, and the ambient energy field of spacetime.  The local field interacts with spacetime to alter the local field.  (Other interactions also can alter it, such as the effects of all the other forces through other fields.)

What about relativistic effects?  Oh, that's easy.  Velocity (measured against the speed of light as 1) is computed as the sine of the slope about any particular particle, including its own energy distortion.  Time and space dilation is computed quite simply as the cosine of this same angle.

That's it.  That's all there is.  It explains everything in one simple, elegant package.  It computed gravity effects in terms of energy usage.  It explains the exact matching of gravity and velocity based relativistic effects.  It explains red and blue shift.  It explains the source of all quantum effects - all other fields must draw their energy from spacetime, which is itself quantized.  It explains the effects of dark energy.  It even explains the inflationary period after the big bang, if you think about it long and hard enough.  Gravity waves are simply waves propagating through spacetime, moving along at the normal restrictions of light speed given to any wave in a quantum field.  (See?  Physicists don't like to talk about the field propagation duality of infinite fields with restricted waves.)

Please ponder and discuss amongst yourselves, and let me know any holes you find in the comments.  I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Islam delenda est

Islam is at war with the entire rest of the world.  Muslims have no choice in this - their holy book, the Quran, declares it so, and mandates jihad against the unbelievers.  Remember, the Quran is the holy word of Allah himself, and is perfect and unchanging.  To a Muslim, Allah's words are not hints, they are not polite suggestions, they are commandments from their god.

If Islam is at war with us, then, to survive, we must be at war with Islam.  To ignore this existential threat is suicidal folly.

War is the ultimate act of group punishment.  Individual attitudes do not matter in war.  There are simply this group and that group, each trying to dominate, enslave, or destroy the other.  The Allies in WWII did not ask each individual German in Dresden what they thought of the Nazi party and the ongoing conflict.  We simply burned the city to the ground, killing tens of thousands of Christians in the process.  People who looked, worshipped, and thought much like you and me.  They were killed for the crime of being on the opposite side in a war.

Weapons and tactics used by our enemies and war are meet and good for us to use.  In fact, it is a practical military necessity to react to the use of a weapon with a similar weapon, lest you grant to your enemies a deadly advantage over you.

Since all Muslims, everywhere, declare their allegiance to Allah, through his holy words in the Quran, they are commanded to kill, convert, or enslave all others.  We, therefore, must kill, convert, or enslave all Muslims.  Their individual attitudes do not matter.  This is war, and we are on one side, and they are on the other.

There will only be peace between Islam and the rest of the world when there are no points of contact between Muslims and others.  Practically speaking, this means we must exterminate of quarantine them.  Killing them all is easier, and requires only a relatively short time commitment.  Quarantining them will require killing at least half of them, and a commitment from all of Christendom to maintain the quarantine, to man the walls, forever more.

Islam delenda est.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

OGRE house rules

OGRE is the first game published by Steve Jackson.  If you're not familiar with his name, he's the publisher of the Munchkin card games.  OGRE is now 40 years old, and still a good game.  Yes, it is a two player war game, using turns and a combat results table.  It's dated, but still a gem.

I am a proud Grognard.  I simply cannot leave rules sets alone.  So, here are my favorite house rules for OGRE.

A GEV class vehicle over open water which receives a "Disable" combat result is destroyed instead.  It sinks to the bottom when the fans stop running.

That's it, really.  OGRE is nearly perfect as-is.

That being said, I do have my own set of rules for playing OGRE with unit qualities.  Each side has a quality - Untrained (1), Green (2), Seasoned (3), Veteran (4), Elite (5).  Ogres don't have unit quality, as they are practically perfect in every way as they are.

Unit quality comes into play when a unit is disabled.  A disabled unit which takes a further 'disable' combat result makes a quality check.  If it passes, it survives.  If it fails, it is destroyed as normal.

Unit quality also comes into play for recovering Disabled units.  Instead of recovering at the beginning of the second turn after being disabled, they make a quality check at the end of each of their own turns.  If they pass, they recover.  If they fail, they remain disabled.

Unit quality also applies to disabling checks for GEVs in woods, for vehicles getting stuck in a swamp, and for recovering from being stuck.

Unity quality also applies in overrun combat.  The unit with the higher morale shoots first, with defenders winning ties.

If you want to make Ogres even deadlier, more like the Bolos they are inspired by, simply have them fire in the enemy's combat phase.  Defending Ogres should fire first, of course.

In war, moderation is no virtue

We, as you may have noticed, are engaged in a cold civil war for our nation.  Not just America, but all the white peoples of the world.  There are forces among us who wish nothing less than our utter destruction and dissolution.  They do not attack us directly with swords or guns or bombs.  They can not, for militarily, we are mighty.  Instead, they attack us through our weak points - our culture of inclusivity and acceptance.

The culture wars have reached a boiling point, and the cold war is warming up.  There have been fights in the streets, and riots.  In each case, our enemies have initiated the first use of force.  They have been intimidating us for generations.  We, the normal people who love our nation, have finally had enough.  The loud-mouthed midget who would be our oppressor has poked us in the eye just a few too many times, and we are tired of it.  It is time we stood up to our full height, and showed the weak and cowardly left our true strength.

Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau famously said that your enemies win when you kill them.  He is deluded.  Your enemies die when you kill them.  They no longer attack you, your children, your spouses, your churches, your country, or your nation after they die.

We have held out tongues and turned the other cheek as small minded zealots have offended and struck us over and over, repeating their actions for scores of years.  So-called "moderates" stand aside and allow our enemies to flourish, while holding our fists behind us, preventing us from striking back at our foes in righteous anger.

The cold civil war has grown hot.  There are no longer any moderates - there can be no moderation in war.  There are only combatants and noncombatants.  When you join in the conflict, you choose a side to support, and a side to oppose.  Moderates attack us more often than they attack out opponents.  That makes moderates a third faction, allied to our deadly enemies.

We must not mistake moderates as noncombatants.  By entering into the fray, they take up arms against us.  They are, at best, quisling traitors to be purged from our ranks.  Anyone who says "lay down your arms and apologise for fighting those who want to kill you" can not be seen as anything other than base traitors.

Do not forget that we fight not just for ourselves, but for the future existence of our people and our culture.  Judge your actions carefully, for most people have not yet awoken to the reality of the existential conflict of these times.  We still need converts and recruits from among the masses of noncombatants.  Remember that Big Brother is always watching, and will always scramble your words to his will, and will show your actions without context.  We must document our actions and proactively show the truth.  We need our own journalists to counter enemy propaganda proactively - live-stream events as they happen.  Edit recordings to show conflicts and actions in the best light for us, as our enemies will certainly do so to discredit us.

Never lie - our enemies lie constantly and continuously, and truth is our greatest weapon and recruiting tool.

Never trust strangers - our enemies are legion, and lie in every word and deed.  They have spent the last century worming their way into organizations and infiltrating groups.  Judge them by their actions and their private words, not their public proclamations of good faith.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ben Garrison cartoons

If you don't know about Ben Garrison's cartoons, check them out.  Here are a few.

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A is A

In order for there to be individual freedom and liberty, there must first exist a society in which individuals are self reliant, self controlled, and responsible.  In a society in which people must be controlled, liberty must be diminished so that the irresponsible majority do not destroy the society, the nation, the infrastructure, and ultimately themselves.  Don't believe me?  Go look up what happened in Albania in the 1990's.

 If men are to have the right to life, liberty, and property, they must exist in a greater society that values and protects these precious things.  If this necessary precondition does not exist, no amount of wishful thinking and happy thoughts will cause it to become so.

So, individual liberties may, indeed must, to some degree be constrained in order to create a society in which these ideals may flourish.  In time of war, one does not have the right to object to and obstruct those defending one's own homeland.  We can disagree on tactics, strategies, methods and means, but the existence of the war itself is without question.  We can fight, because we must.

Free men need no chains, but chained men can not enjoy freedom until the chains are removed.  Soldiers for a cause must submit to discipline for the cause to have any hope of success, even if their cause is liberty.

A is A, and not-A is not and never will be A.

American society is white, northwestern European society.  We are the descendants of the British and Germans, with a smattering of other compatible cultures.  We are Christians, and though we may disagree on dogma and ritual, we recognize Christ as our only King.  We speak English, although it is the peculiar American variety, with its regional dialects and accents.  We believe in the free market, and find communism and socialism to be abhorrent on both moral and practical grounds.  We believe that men and women are different and complimentary, just as God created us.  We believe that only homogeneous societies survive, as all of history has shown us.  We believe that diversity is not our strength, but a fatal disease which our enemies are deliberately attempting to inflict upon us.  We believe that all men are created equal, and then they are born, each separate and unique.  We believe in one law for all, high and middle and low, government and corporate and private.  We believe that women and children must be protected, for they are irreplaceable and the promise of the future.

We believe that we should never start a fight, but always finish one.  This fight started long ago, decades even before I was born.  It will continue long after I am dust.  Only by not fighting can we lose.

After all, it is said that the Devil's greatest trick lies in making people believe that he doesn't even exist.

From an away game

A comment I posted at Intellectual Takeout, in their article on the philosophical history of the alt-right.

Bottom line - the article's author obviously confuses any opponent of the left with nazis and fascists.  Because those are totes obvs the only choices.  Or something.


The Alt-Right stands in direct contrast to the Control-Left. However, where conservatism, inc. has failed due to multiple causes, the alt-right is succeeding because it is a reality based movement. The root philosophy of the alt-right is that there is such a thing as objective reality, and men must live and deal with reality as it is, not how one might wish it to be.
The reality is that only homogeneous societies are stable. A nation is defined as a people with a shared language, culture, religion, and history. Multiculturalism is a direct affront to this simple, common sense understanding. A is A, and not-A is not, and never will be A. One can not mix poison with food and call the lethal mixture a rational compromise.
We are in a war for survival. Our deadly enemies want to destroy us, root and branch. They attack physically and morally - striking at both genes and memes. The culture war is a real war, and has been so for the left for decades. The right has simply ignored the approaching threat, with conservative leaders choosing to roll over and show their bellies to keep their well paid jobs.
Conservatism has failed to conserve a single thing. Not marriage, not the rest room, not Christianity, not the English language, not even the idea of a nation. Conservatism, inc, is indistinguishable from a paid arm of the control-left, like the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters.
This is a war for the survival of our people, our nation, our culture, our lives. Any weapon which our enemies finds good to use against us is good to use against them. We will not stop. We must not stop, for the alternative the left offers us is death and utter destruction.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Meetup screws up!

Meetup was a somewhat useful way to find like-minded people in my area.  Until today.
Today, I got a message from Meetup that they're couldn't just stand aside and be a neutral tool for all sides.  No, they had to get involved, and create #Resist groups for every state, and join everybody into those groups.

I deleted my Meetup account.

Here's a copy of the email I got from the filthy hippy fascists.

Meetup has always served as an organizing platform for a wide range of political views, welcoming everyone from the Howard Deaniacs to the Tea Party. Meetup will always welcome people with different beliefs.

But after the recent executive order aimed to block people on the
basis of nationality and religion, a line was crossed. At a time when core democratic ideals feel under attack, we feel a duty to spark more civic participation.

Last week, we created 1,000+ #Resist Meetup Groups to act as local hubs for actions on behalf of democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, and sustainability. Already 50,000+ people have joined.

These #Resist Meetups are open to anyone who want to create a bright future that's rich with opportunity and freedom for all.

Meetup exists to connect people so they create opportunity and make the world they want. We hope members take these Meetups forward to be powerful together.
Find a #Resist Meetup nearby

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Democrats block schoolhouse doors again!

What is it with Democrats and blocking schoolhouse doors?

 And a Democratic National Committee leader (chief of the "Trump war room") approved of violence to prevent the Secretary of Education from entering a public school in Washington, DC.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Brexit is moving forwards!

In honor of the British Parliament moving forward with implementing the will of the people, I will now shamelessly borrow from LTC(R) Tom Kratman.

To be sung to the tune of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'.

Fuck the European Union
Fuck the Hague and ICC
Fuck their rules and regulations
Fuck the whole bureaucracy
Asshats, bastards, cowards, dimwits
Excrement-feasting gallows bait
Hang the swine higher than Haman
Ignorant jackasses! Knaves!
Watch them purge the bent banana.
See your taxes rise and rise.
See your nations fall to ruin.
Watch as every freedom dies.
Lick-ass morons, nincompoops, oh,
Pity the quagmire these reds made.
Sycophants and thieves, the whole crew,
Underworked and overpaid.
Friday mornings EUnachs sign in
To ensure their holidays
Are paid for by lesser beings
Free men call these beings “slaves.”
To the lampposts, Europeans,
Tie the knots and toss the ropes,
Fit the nooses, haul the free ends
Stand back, watch the bastards choke.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

CNN is Fake News

I saw on CNN last night that Trump's inauguration didn't draw much of a crowd.  They showed pictures comparing Trump's inaugural crowd with a similar one from Obama's second inauguration.

Here are the comparison pictures they showed, both allegedly from 'shortly before noon' on their respective days.

Now take a look at a Getty Images photo, looking out over the crowd from the Congress building, clearly taken while President Trump was standing at the podium.

You may notice a slight difference.  Mainly, the absence of large white spaces on the Mall.  Clearly, the photo CNN used for their "news" story was taken before or after the inauguration - while the crowd was gathering or leaving. 

I noticed the discrepancy this morning on the cover of our local paper - which had a full page picture from the inauguration, looking from the Congress building at an enormous crowd, filling the space to the Washington monument, and clearly showing full bleachers in the distance.

Please, CNN, tell us about more about fake news.  There's a reason why we call you the "Commie News Network."  Perhaps there's a relationship between faking the news and poor ratings?  They may want to look into that.  It might be a newsworthy story.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The enTrumpening!

The God-Emperor is preparing to ascend to the Cherry Blossom Throne in a few minutes.
That disturbance in the force you're feeling is millions of snowflakes melting, and tens of millions of libtards crying out in anguish.  Let the commie pinko mutant traitor scum quake in fear in their romper room 'safe spaces', sucking their thumbs and fondling their blue blankies.

All your safe spaces are belong to us!  Long live America!  Death to traitors!

As for those who oppose us, who would disrupt the ascendancy of the God-Emperor, who would destroy our nation and enslave and murder our people:
Remember, all you pointy headed liberal retards:  Our side has the guns.  Our side has the veterans.  Our side has the rank and file policemen.  Our side has the enlisted Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  Plus the Coast Guard and the Civil Air Patrol.  Plus around ten million armed, experienced hunters.  We know how to aim.  We know how to cooperate.  We understand what discipline is. 

You want a civil war?  Just keep poking that bear with a stick.  I'm sure it will never wake up and tear your limbs off and devour your entrails. While you watch, screaming in pain, begging for death.