Saturday, April 4, 2020


The COVID family of viruses is better known as the common cold. COVID-19 is not going away. It's already mutating into different forms.
Two weeks after the isolation orders end, the infections will spike again. No matter when that happens - next week, next month, next year. You can't out wait this thing. Meanwhile, it's slowly spreading through mandatory activities, like getting food from the store.
We should be sending the kids out to play with the infected, just like with chicken pox. Just keep them away from grandma afterwards.

We could lose 10,000,000 people this year (in addition to the 3 million who usually die), and somehow the 320 million grieving survivors would find the strength to carry on.
We lost 10,000,000 jobs in the last two weeks. That's ten million families who now don't have money to pay the rent or buy food.
How many families are the politicians willing to starve to maybe save a few, mostly elderly people? (By the way, 90% of those who end up on respirators due to this virus die anyways.)

Friday, March 27, 2020

I had a dream

I had a dream last night.  It was a series of nightmares, all connected.  In the first, children were captured by monsters who came out at night.  These children were taken to a magical campus of beautiful buildings and made to serve The Elders.  Those who failed to serve were killed and eaten.  Those who simply wore out... disappeared.  Those who served to adulthood were released, broken in spirit and in mind.  Those few psychotics who reveled in destruction or informed on the other children were captured, tamed, and introduced to The Elders as servants and Elders in training.  But most of all, The Elders taught the children to OBEY.

Then I dreamed of a benevolent group of Counselors, who ran a training camp.  At the camp, The Counselors taught the children how to run, how to hide, how to be quiet when the monsters prowled.  They taught well and thoroughly that the children were to never fight the monsters, as that would only make the monsters more angry and violent.  (As it truly did, of course.)  They taught the children to seek the shelter of kindly Counselors, who the monsters usually avoided.  (Except when they didn't, of course.)  They taught the children to be silent, lest the monsters come for them.  But most of all, The Counselors taught the children to FEAR.

Then I dreamed of men (and a single, exceptional woman) who attacked the monsters, killing one of them, driving them back into the shadows of the night for a time.  They saved a few children from being taken that night.  But that was all they did.  For, you see, they were the survivors of both training camps, and they had been taught Fear and Obedience.

And then I dreamed of an avenging angel, with awesome powers and confidence.  He didn't kill the monsters, he erased them.  Then he walked up to the campus, opened the gates, and told the children to flee or fight.  And then, with a few (so very few) of the braver boys at his side, he burned it all right down to the ground.  He showed no mercy at all to The Elders and their minions.  He smiled not at their torment, but at the destruction of the Obedience School.

And then he went to the training camp, opened the gates, and told the children to flee or fight.  And then, with a few (so very few) of the braver boys at his side, he burned it all right down to the ground.  He showed no mercy at all to The Counselors and their minions.  He smiled not at their anguish, but at the destruction of the Fear Factory.

And then he led the children away from that terrible land, away from the memories of Fear and Obedience and Monsters, of Elders and Counselors (so like each other), into a land of sunshine, laughter, love, and earnest hard living.  And there the girls grew up to be women, and the boys grew up to be men.  And they raised their children together as families, and told them stories of the wicked Counselors and Elders, and taught them to never forget to be brave.  For saviors come but rarely, thus each must do his duty to destroy all monsters, both fair and foul, and to shun the systems and machines that spawn and perpetuate them.

When I awoke, I was struck with a vision.  We live not just in Orwell's 1984, but also in Wells' The Time Machine.  The Morlocks and the Eloi are two halves of the same system of oppression, fear, and obedience, each perpetuating the other.  The only choices offered inside the system are false, and serve to perpetuate the system.  After all, one must fear and respect the power of Big Brother, or love Big Brother.  The only salvation is to burn the entire system down, relocate, and start over from first principles.  Freedom comes from not from destroying Big Brother, but from walking away from the very concept of Big Brother.  Killing Bog Brother is necessary simply because Big Brother is a jealous and petty god, who will brook neither disobedience nor nonconformity.  Free Men are neither Eloi nor Morlocks.

To truly be a man, a whole man, a righteous man, a free man, one must fight to destroy all the monsters, both fair and foul.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Civilizational Triage

This one is for Aesop.  You are reading him, right?

In emergency medicine, you triage the casualties.  It is called triage because you separate out the casualties into three groups.

  • Those who will probably recover with or without care.  (AKA the walking wounded.)
  • Those who will probably recover if given prompt medical care.
  • Those who will probably die even with prompt medical care.

Your first task is to evaluate each casualty and separate them into their appropriate groups.  Some of the walking wounded can be drafted to assist.  Some of the dying will die while you do this.

Then you provide immediate first aid to the severely injured, who desperately need it, but will also benefit from it.  You arrange evacuation from the scene to a location that can provide better care for them.

Once that is done, you provide first aid to the walking wounded.  That's all most of them will need.

Once that is done, you provide palliative support to the dying.  Comfort them, as you would wish to be comforted.

Why do you do this?  Because resources, especially time, are limited.  You can't do everything.  If you try to save everyone, you will end up saving no one.

A pandemic, if it is truly a global epidemic, is a civilizational threat.  In the face of such a threat, we must act to preserve not individual lives, but civilization itself.  The future belongs to the young and healthy.  Old, sick people will be missed, but are not required.  Infants will be grieved, but can be replaced. 

Yes, I am a hard man.  I've already been through three wars, and seen genocide up close.  I don't care about your or anyone else's feelings.  I just want my nation, my people, to survive and thrive, and am willing to do what is necessary to achieve that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Weakest Plague Ever

I'm pretty sure my wife, son and I just had the Kung Flu. We live on the outskirts of Middle Of Nowhere, Midwestia. I thought we were having a very mild case of spring allergies after a series of warm days started everything greening up. It wasn't until we all had mildly sore throats for a few hours on day 3 (of 5 total) that we started to suspect something was up.

No, we haven't been tested. We're not going to waste the hospital's time.

As plagues go, this one is remarkably… lame. 17% of those massively exposed contract it. (And that was in the ideal environment of a cruise ship packed with mostly older people.) Of the 17% who contracted the disease, half experienced no symptoms. Of the 17%, only 1.2% died – and they were old people with preexisting conditions. So, a plague that causes a few old people to pass on a little more quickly than they maybe would have.

No wonder the politicians are screaming and running about with their hair on fire. They care nothing about the nation being invaded by terns of millions of self propelled, self propagating invaders, but let a few of their generation get sick and die, and suddenly the sky is falling and something must be done!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Education Reform

Everybody knows that our current educational system is broken.  It is broken at a fundamental level.  But all the fixes I've ever seen just nibble around the edges.  School choice and vouchers are important, but not enough to cure the rot.  (Money doesn't teach children.  Good teachers do.  And the teachers' unions are the enemies of education.)  We need to end the State-run daycare system that substitutes parenting with systematized socialist indoctrination.  Naturally, I have a proposal.

Children should not begin school until they are 8 years old.  They need their childhood to run around outside, play, and learn their culture from their parents.  If they can't sit still and focus (and 5 year olds cannot), they can't learn.  Discipline must be enforced in the classroom, for the betterment of the individual and the health of the group.  Spankings (administered by the school Principal) are a healthy, natural way to teach children to obey.  (Corporal punishment has worked for thousands of years.  We've seen what happens when you don't punish children for misbehavior, and it isn't pretty.)

Primary school should last 5 years.  Children would finish this stage when they are 13 years old - when they are no longer really children.  Five years is enough time to teach everything important, especially since most children will already know how to read and do basic arithmetic before they start.  More importantly, beginning formal education at a later age will not teach children that they are too dumb to learn, just because they are late bloomers.  Math is only difficult to most kids because we expect too much of them too soon.  Kids aren't stupid, but their minds don't work the way adult minds do.

What subjects to teach?  Mathematics, of course.  We should be able to teach them up to introductory algebra and basic geometry before they're done.  English: reading, writing, spelling grammar, the classics of children's literature.  (I include Terry Pratchett's novels here.)  Social studies: how our society works, and why America is the greatest place in the world.  (Yes, this is a bit of propaganda.  Kids need this, just like they need heroes and role models.  "We are the children of children and we live as we are shown.")  History: real, positive stories of America and the world.  (History is not a list of names and dates.  It is the story of how we got here, and why things are not otherwise.)  Geography, to go with the history and social studies.  (Different people are the way they are for reasons.  Humans are the apes that swim and eat fish!  Every major city in the world is on a river or coast.)  Safe gun handling and marksmanship.  (Start with Nerf guns and work them up through soft air guns to BB/pellet guns.)  Gym, including dance, organized sports, and marching in formation.  (Dodge Ball is mandatory.  It teaches valuable life lessons.)  Music, especially singing.  (You have to have marching cadences, of course.)

After completion of primary school, every young person would then move on to their choice of apprenticeship.  This would consist of 3 to 5 years of a mix of formal education and practical work experience.  The formal education would have a few common elements, such as classes in home economics (cooking, cleaning, sewing, child care), civics (voting, paying taxes, how the government works), and economics (paying bills, balancing a checkbook, how banking and the stock market work).

What apprenticeships to offer?  All the building trades.  Entrepreneurship.  Computer skills.  Nursing.  Police work and firefighting.  Nail and hair grooming.  Child care.  Primary education.  Farming.  Ranching.  Truck driving.  Heavy equipment operation.  Surveying.  Mechanical drawing/CAD/architecture.  Whatever the local community thinks is worthwhile and can afford.  (Political apprenticeships, with the mayor or town council?)

College prep is just another form of apprenticeship.  However, it should be limited to the top 15% of students at a maximum.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Zero Point Energy

Zero Point energy, or the energy of empty Space Time, gives physicists fits.  One the one hand, observation shows a tiny, tiny amount of energy.  (This is the probable source of the "dark energy" that pushes distant galaxies apart.)  On the other hand, the calculations show an enormous amount of energy.  How enormous?  120 orders of magnitude more than the observations show.  That is a lot!

This discrepancy is easily solved.  The calculation show the total amount of energy in empty space.  This is the amount of available energy in space-time, from which all other fields draw energy.  (Gradients in the space-time energy field have an effect that we call gravity.  You have to understand gravity as a push from empty space, not a pull by matter.)  This energy source must, of necessity, be enormous.  It is also relatively equal at all places.

Relatively equal - there's the source of the problem.  The uncertainty principle tells us that nothing can be completely equal all the time.  And thus the "surface" of space-time is awash with tiny differences.  These aggregate into waves with real, albeit tiny amounts of energy.  How much energy?  About 120 orders of magnitude less than the total amount held in space-time.

Traversing these frothy waves is what reduces the energy of photons traveling intergalactic distances.  The aggregate addition to the energy of space-time over remarkably long distances is enough to accelerate galaxies away from each other.

Once you understand the true nature of gravity and space-time, everything else makes perfect sense.  There are no contradictions in nature, merely in our flawed understanding.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Re: Richmond

It's amazing how much common sense breaks out when you have several thousand armed men surrounding the police.  Somehow, the police managed to not cause a riot inside the cordon.

There's a lesson to be learned here.