Wednesday, February 28, 2018

South Africa goes full potato

The black majority parliament of South Africa finally voted to end all pretense and seize all white owned farmland.  No payments will be made to the white farmers who settled the country centuries ago. 

This is after 10% of the farming families have been raped, tortured, and murdered over the last few years.  This is after about a third of all the whites have left the formerly prosperous country.

Here's what the all need to do today:  Slaughter all the animals.  Fill in the wells.  Break the pipes.  Burn the fields.  Burn the buildings.  Leave the land as it was found generations ago - barren and empty.  Then they need to run, not walk away.

The Boers are too few and scattered now, and the blacks too numerous, to fight and win a war.  They have to leave the farms their ancestors built generations ago, or die horribly, tortured to death.

This is what happens when blacks get control over whites.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Every.  Single.  Place.  It's not coincidence.

The famine in South Africa, just like the one in Zimbabwe (formerly white Rhodesia), will begin right after the blacks eat the last of the seed corn and the last breeding pair of cows.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

How to prevent mass school shootings

Safe gun handling and marksmanship used to be taught in public schools.  Back when they said the Lord's prayer before school every morning.  But Leftists have been destroying America one thought, one moral, one story at a time for generations now.

My great-grandfather told me that he got a whuppin one day at school, because he forgot to bring his rifle.  The older boys were expected to bring a gun to school to protect the little kids from Indians and catamounts.  In my generation, almost every pickup truck had a rifle rack with either a .30-30 or a 12 gauge on it.  The first day of deer season was a proper excuse to miss a day in high school.  School shootings were unheard of, although fist fights were fairly common.  (Boys will fight.  It's in their nature.  You can't prevent the aggression - all you can do is bottle it up until they explode into murder.)

Proposed - the federal government shall mandate and provide funding for marksmanship and safe gun handling classes in all public high schools throughout the various States.  This class shall be optional for students, but it must be provided by the school every term.   Students shall be taught to safely and accurately fire a .22LR pistol and rifle.  They shall also be taught the basic hunting laws for their local area, as well as the laws pertinent to armed self defense.  They shall also be taught basic first aid techniques for common minor and life threatening injuries.  Upon graduation, each young man shall be given the rifle he trained with and each young woman shall be gifted with the pistol she trained with, along with a box of 50 appropriate cartridges and a pocket sized, printed copy of the Constitution of the United States, as amended, and a wallet sized certificate of course completion.  Completion of this course shall count as all necessary training and certification to carry a weapon, either openly or concealed, throughout the United States and its territories, except where expressly prohibited by federal law and prominently posted.  This certificate shall count as photo identification for all purposes.  This course, gift, and certification shall be offered to citizens only, not to lawful or unlawful residents or visitors, nor to convicted felons, even if convicted as a minor.  The certificate shall be valid for a period of ten years, and may be renewed.

Proposed - the Federal government shall provide funds for any public school teacher in the United States and its territories to attend a certification course, of not more than $600 expense (to be adjusted for inflation), for safe and effective concealed carry of a pistol.  Funds shall also be provided, not to exceed $600 (to be adjusted annually for inflation), for each teacher who completes this training to purchase a pistol and ammunition, along with a wallet sized certificate allowing that person to carry a pistol, concealed or openly, anywhere in the United States and its territories, except where expressly prohibited by federal law and prominently posted.  This certificate shall count as photo identification for all purposes.  This offer of funding, training, and certification applies only to citizens, not to lawful or unlawful residents, nor to visitors, nor to convicted felons, even if convicted as a minor.  Certificate holders shall further receive a $100 tax credit annually, so they can afford refresher training and practice ammunition.  The certificate shall be valid for a period of ten years, and may be renewed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"The science is settled"

W. M. Briggs, "Statistician to the Stars", writes today about the limits of scientific knowledge, and it got me thinking.  Scientists don't believe in limits - that's why so many infinities show up in their equations.  (That's a little humor.  Very little.)

Basically, science (the professional toy of scientists, who are merely human) increasingly is encountering the limits of what is scientifically knowable.  We know that there are multiple infinitudes of possible knowledge.  We also know that human minds can not hold even a single infinitude of knowledge, no matter how much money we spend on public schools.  Thus, science attempts to answer questions of philosophy or religion, such as "why are we here?" and "why is there something rather than nothing?" and "what is the meaning of life?" 

Science can compute no answers to these fundamental questions, so scientists state that there are no answers.  Go read Mr. Briggs' excellent post, for he says it better than I can.

If you don't feel like clicking on the link, here is my comment in response to his posting:

Each human has a limit to the amount and types of knowledge known and understood. Science can not progress beyond that hard limit. Even now, scientists over-specialize like tropical fish. And the culture of science most certainly holds back its own progress. As has been aptly stated, science progresses one funeral at a time.
Example – in quantum physics, the “Copenhagen interpretation” has been the reigning orthodoxy for eighty years. It’s not only wrong, but nonsensical. It was originally intended to be nonsensical, to help break the older scientists of the day from thinking about quantum events as if they were normal-scale events. Schroedinger’s cat was a parody (and paradox), not meant to be taken either seriously or literally. Why does this matter? Because physicists are still taught that the Copenhagen interpretation is literally true. This mind set limits their thinking, and holds back progress. They confuse human ignorance for literal unknowability – if we don’t know the exact state of a particle, then it has no definite state, and exists in a superposition of all possible states.
This error of scientific hubris is the corner stone of quantum computing. It may be the reason that quantum computing is currently a rat hole that billions of dollars gets flushed down. Despite several different manufacturers producing competing products, no quantum computing device has ever shown any benefit, or definitely been shown to act as advertised. (The state of the art has a finely tuned circuit, operating at near zero Kelvin, that utilizes equal currents in both directions. It works remarkably like a circuit with no current at all.) Never mind the fact that human brains have a hard time programming computers to behave predictably, much less in an inherently unpredictable fashion.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Putting the pieces together

The Conservative Treehouse has done a good job assembling the pieces of the pro-Hillary, anti-Trump conspiracy at high levels in the FBI and DOJ.  Their actions are nothing less than treason against the Constitution and the people of America.  Watergate, which the Democrats still celebrate, was a wet firecracker compared to this bombshell.

Please go to the source and read the whole thing.  There are handy charts and pictures to identify the guilty players. 

Puzzle Pieces at The Last Refuge

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Maximum cool has been achieved

Nothing anybody ever does in space will ever be more cool than Elon Musk's SpaceX launching a red convertible Tesla roadster, with a mannequin in a space suit posed comfortably in the driver's seat, playing Bowie's "Life on Mars", with a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy prominently displaying its soothing "Don't Panic!" cover, with a towel in the trunk (for he is a hoopy frood), and a model of itself being driven by a toy astronaut, out into space, closely past Mars, into an independent solar orbit.  With several cameras beaming video back to earth for several hours.  And recovering two of the boosters, upright, landing on their tail fins as R.A. Heinlein intended.

Men may do more significant things in space.  Men may do more important things.  But nobody will ever do something cooler than this.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How much should college cost?

A four year degree currently costs between $100,000 and $250,000, depending on which college or university the student attends.  This is insane.

Let us propose a modest collegiate education.  Only one series of subjects is taught, towards a degree in a solitary major.  How much should this degree cost?

Let us begin with room and board.  A two bedroom apartment may be shared by four students at a cost of $1200 per month.  Add in an additional $800 per month for food.  This amounts to $500 per month per student, for yearly per-student cost of $6,000.  Please note that this is money that would have to be spent on normal existence, even without college attendance.  Nevertheless, it is an expense, and we shall include it in the final total.

A bachelor's degree is defined as 120 semester hours of education.  That equals 15 hours for each of 8 semesters over the course of 48 months.  (We shall assume that our students catch up on sleep and laundry during the summer breaks.)  An average class occupies three hours of instruction per week, plus a three hour laboratory experience per week.  With five classes and one lab, this gives us a slightly ambitious eighteen hours of instruction per week, resulting in sixteen credit hours.

Let one professor teach each class.  Let a lab assistant oversee the laboratory experience.  Let there be a secretary to track administrative details.  Let there be an associate professor, to fill in where needed.  (If a good manager can manage anything, can not a good educator teach anything?)  Let us pay the professors $80K per year, the associate and lab assistant $60K each, and the secretary $40K per year.

Let us assume that each class is comprised of twenty students.  Let us assume that each instructor teaches four separate classes per week, for a total of 12 hours of labor each (with the associate as a backup for sick days and vacations).  My, we are working them to the bone for their salaries, aren't we?

One cannot have a College without a Dean.  Let us employ a Dean, paid the magnificent sum of $120,000 per year to wrangle the professors into doing their jobs.  The Dean will obviously need a personal secretary.  Let us also employ an accountant for $60,000, and retain the services of a lawyer for another $90,000.  Let us now run four separate tracks in our educational establishment, employing a total of 20 professors, 4 associates, 4 assistants, 5 secretaries, one accountant, one lawyer, and one Dean.  Our total personnel costs thus total to $2,550,000 per year.  This magnificent sum will be spent teaching 320 students, for a yearly cost per student of $7,968.75.

Instruction does not take place in a vacuum.  We need classrooms!  And offices!  Let all instruction take place in class B office space, which is quite a lot nicer than the average college classroom, and includes utilities and janitorial services.  Let each classroom occupy 600 square feet, and each office 200 square feet.  Each professor needs an office, while the assistants, associates, and secretaries share offices by pairs.  The Dean, of course, gets a double sized office, and his secretary a personal office.  Let us also include the all-important 200 square foot break room.  Each classroom can be used for multiple subjects, of course, but let us give three classrooms to each track.  This restricts the use of each classroom to a mere twenty four hours use per week, or an average of five hours per day.  This gives a requirement for 12 classrooms and 32 offices.

We must pay for our space, at a rate of $30 per square foot per year  We have 13,600 square feet of office and classroom space.  We must include corridors to connect our rooms, so let us add an additional 25% to our space, amounting to 17,000 square feet of rentable space.  This gives a total rent of $510,000 per year, or $1593.75 per student.

We forgot parking!  Let us build a parking garage in our fair city.  Land plus construction will cost about $10,000,000.  We can amortize this expense over twenty years, for a yearly cost of $500,000.  Per student, that amounts to $1562.50.  There will probably be extra space to rent out to the public, but this finding stream will be credited towards administration and maintenance.

Books!  We can't teach without the appropriate educational materials!  Let us propose that books cost each student an average of $100 per class, or $1,000 per year.  Books really shouldn't cost that much, but they do.  (Did you know that the average publishing house makes the majority of their profits on educational materials?)  Maybe they are bound in leather with gold leaf on every page.  And hey, the students get to keep the books as momentoes, door stops, and ersatz coffee tables.

So, for room and board, books, personnel, facilities and parking, we have a total yearly expense of $18,125.  Over the course of four years, our institution will cost a total of $72,500 for each student.  This is for classes of twenty students, each taught by a full professor, in clean and attractive office space, and includes room and board for each and every student.

That's how much a four degree should cost.  With actual costs well into the six figure range, where is all the money going?  What I outlined above is luxurious, and far better than what almost any real educational institution offers.  Again, ask yourself - where does all the money go?

Friday, January 19, 2018

What the Left needs to know about us Americans

Things Leftists need to understand about us actual Americans:
Feminism is cancer.
Socialism is an evil death cult, not an economic theory.
Private property is essential, as is the “you aren’t the boss of me” attitude.
Homosexuality is a sin. Homosexuality and transvestitism are mental illnesses.
Freedom must include the freedom to fail as well as the freedom to succeed.
All men are created equal. And then they’re born.
Abortion is murder. Claiming it is not is virtue signalling to the demon lord Baal.
America is white (in culture, not necessarily skin tone), Christian, and we speak English here. If you don’t act like us, you aren’t one of us.
It's all fake news. The Left OWNS the mainstream media, and constantly shoves their agenda in our faces. Abortion on demand? Special rights for gays and trannies? Racial preferences? Evil Christianity? BLM? Global warming? Feminism? Socialism? Gun control? “Drumpf” “collusion”? All Leftist, all in the news constantly, and preached at almost every public high school and university.