Thursday, March 9, 2017

A is A

In order for there to be individual freedom and liberty, there must first exist a society in which individuals are self reliant, self controlled, and responsible.  In a society in which people must be controlled, liberty must be diminished so that the irresponsible majority do not destroy the society, the nation, the infrastructure, and ultimately themselves.  Don't believe me?  Go look up what happened in Albania in the 1990's.

 If men are to have the right to life, liberty, and property, they must exist in a greater society that values and protects these precious things.  If this necessary precondition does not exist, no amount of wishful thinking and happy thoughts will cause it to become so.

So, individual liberties may, indeed must, to some degree be constrained in order to create a society in which these ideals may flourish.  In time of war, one does not have the right to object to and obstruct those defending one's own homeland.  We can disagree on tactics, strategies, methods and means, but the existence of the war itself is without question.  We can fight, because we must.

Free men need no chains, but chained men can not enjoy freedom until the chains are removed.  Soldiers for a cause must submit to discipline for the cause to have any hope of success, even if their cause is liberty.

A is A, and not-A is not and never will be A.

American society is white, northwestern European society.  We are the descendants of the British and Germans, with a smattering of other compatible cultures.  We are Christians, and though we may disagree on dogma and ritual, we recognize Christ as our only King.  We speak English, although it is the peculiar American variety, with its regional dialects and accents.  We believe in the free market, and find communism and socialism to be abhorrent on both moral and practical grounds.  We believe that men and women are different and complimentary, just as God created us.  We believe that only homogeneous societies survive, as all of history has shown us.  We believe that diversity is not our strength, but a fatal disease which our enemies are deliberately attempting to inflict upon us.  We believe that all men are created equal, and then they are born, each separate and unique.  We believe in one law for all, high and middle and low, government and corporate and private.  We believe that women and children must be protected, for they are irreplaceable and the promise of the future.

We believe that we should never start a fight, but always finish one.  This fight started long ago, decades even before I was born.  It will continue long after I am dust.  Only by not fighting can we lose.

After all, it is said that the Devil's greatest trick lies in making people believe that he doesn't even exist.

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