Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Simple truths

It pains me to realize that many people seem so deluded as to believe obvious untruths.  It is undoubtedly so, however.  That being said, here is another short list of obvious truths that seem to escape of liberal/progressive/socialist, commie pinko enemies.

1.  There is no "rape culture" in America outside of Leftist enclaves like Hollyweird and Muslim majority communities.  In 2016, 95,730 rapes were reported in America, among a population of 323.1 million people.  That makes a rate of one in every 3,375 people raped, or 0.0296%.  The robbery rate that year was 102.8 per hundred thousand.  We don't talk about a "robbery culture", even though it is much more prevalent than rape.  And these statistics only include the rape of women.  It doesn't include the much larger number of rapes of incarcerated men.  We also notice that blacks and Latinos, who collectively comprise about one third of the population, perpetrate about half of all the rapes.  Please notice that the number of black women raped by white men has been unreportable for a decade - meaning the total number is less than ten per year.

2.  There is no institutional racism against blacks in America.  There is, of course, institutional racism against white men in favor of blacks.  We call it "affirmative action" and "preferential hiring" and "white privilege".  Blacks are disproportionately arrested for crimes because they disproportionately commit crimes.  Blacks are under represented in academia because blacks under perform academically.  Occam's razor says that blacks are dumb and violent, and therefore don't succeed.  Poverty doesn't cause crime, but crime does cause poverty.

3.  There is police brutality.  It is nowhere near the scale that the media makes it out to be.  There have always been bad cops.  There will always be bad cops.  It's the nature of people to be imperfect.  However, the fact that black thugs who try to kill cops get beaten or shot by those same cops is not a coincidence.  With very few exceptions (when the cop should be tried for murder or battery), if you want to survive an interaction with a police office, be calm, be polite, move slowly, keep your hands in view at all times, and do what the officer says.  Remember - a police officer is not a person, he's a loaded weapon.  Be nice and polite to the gun, and it won't bark at you.

4.  Black lives matter.  No they don't - not to blacks.  More than half of all the murders in America in 2016 were committed by blacks, largely against other blacks, who comprise 13% of the population.  And that's with a relatively large percentage of black males already incarcerated.  Fun fact - one in three black men have felony convictions.

5.  Only whites can be prejudiced.  This is obviously stupid.  The most racist, prejudiced people I've ever encountered in America are the blacks.  They're pretty blatant about it.  The knock out game is real, and ongoing.  If whites were really as prejudiced, bigoted, and violent as the media claims, then blacks would never dare to speak.  They'd be too beaten down and afraid for their jobs, homes, and lives.

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