Thursday, May 14, 2020

We need to rethink military structure

We need a three tiered military. Not in training and readiness, but in equipment, capabilities and focus.

Tier 1: Current generation heavy forces, designed to defeat any other force on the planet in high intensity combat. We won't have infinite numbers of these, but we need enough to be useful and to survive the first wave of attrition. (Examples: F-22, M1 tank, cruisers & carriers, nuclear subs)

Tier 2: Last generation medium/heavy forces, designed to screen the Tier 1 forces or provide extra firepower to Tier 3 forces. (Examples: F-15, M60 tank, destroyers & frigates)

Tier 3: Light/medium, inexpensive forces for pacification operations. You don't need million dollar missiles to kill goatherds armed with rifles, and you don't need aircraft carriers to kill pirates armed with RPGs. (Examples: OV-10, LAV/CV90, corvettes & cutters, diesel subs)
Each tier should be numerically larger than the tier above it.  Tier 2 and 3 forces must be well trained in urban / littoral combat. Do not waste Tier 1 forces on meat grinders!

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