Saturday, June 20, 2020

Time and Past Time

Speak all you want, but remember the Left does not care, except to use your words against you.  The Republicans care for nothing put their personal comfort.  The conservatives have conserved nothing.

When words fail, when voting is useless, when courts are corrupted, only force matters.  Why do you think the Left owns the streets?  Because they fight with words <i>and</i> fists.  The time to ponder and pontificate is past.  It is time to take action, or lose everything.  Gird you loins, polish your steel, count your rounds, and man up.

The authorities will not save you.  In many places, they have actively joined with the forces of darkness.  You must save yourself, your family, your friends, your town, your state, your nation.

It only takes 3 percent.

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