Sunday, May 3, 2015

Objective Reality

I am a believer in objective reality.  This is the reality that remains when preconceptions and dogma are ignored.  The Soviet military used this term when speaking to their commissars about actual facts, as opposed to politically correct 'facts'.

Objective reality - when compared to whites, blacks are less intelligent.  These are statistical facts comparing two different populations.  This is not a value judgement.  This is not a proclamation.  This is 'truefact', ground truth, objective reality.  Cries of "Racissss!" in 3, 2, 1 ...  Statistics are not individuals.  The 'worth' of a man lies not in his physical attributes, but in his conduct and in his soul.  To paraphrase a great man - I dream of a day when all men will be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

Blacks are less intelligent than whites on every conceivable test.  IQ scores - blacks average an entire SD lower than whites (The Bell Curve, et al.).  Employment figures.  Income figures.  Job performance figures.  Crime figures.  Hospital (especially emergency department) figures.  Education/learning figures.  Rates of marriage and bastardy.  Rates of STD transmission.  And on and on and on ...

I have seen arguments that violence is built in, and a result of certain genes.  I have not seen enough of such studies to determine for myself if this is true.  What I have seen is that violence tracks negatively with intelligence - that is, the more intelligent the population, the less violent its individuals tend to be on a day-to-day basis.  (War and political violence are excluded from this - I'm talking about individual and small group criminal violence.)

This is objective reality.  I have no idea what the root cause of this lack of intelligence is.  The traditional arguments of nature vs/ nurture in this case work out to be - is it genetic or cultural?  Looking at the evidence, I'd guess it's a little of both.  The world-wide intelligence difference can't be just attributable to culture, because there are many different cultures.  And in every single one of them, blacks compare poorly to whites in intelligence and outcomes.  Anecdotally (a sufficient number of anecdotes does become statistics), when some blacks try to do well at a job or in school, the others tear him down for "acting white".  That's culture, if only the culture of the crab bucket.  It's anti-American to drag somebody down to your level.  The American way is to build yourself up to be even better.

Is it lack of access to education?  Well, America has tried that experiment for the last 50 years, and the answer is a resounding "no".  Blacks attend the same schools as whites, and are taught by the same teachers, using the same text books and worksheets.  Blacks perform more poorly in school than whites.  (As to Latinos to a much lesser degree, while Asians perform better.  And Ashkenazi Jews, when taken as a population, perform better that the white average.  I'm obviously such a racist, that I place my own race below others.)

Modern society, modern American life, is complex, and getting more so.  Good jobs (and thus income and status) go to those with the education and aptitude to perform well.  Blacks, as a whole (individuals are not populations, and should not be mistaken for such), do not have the intelligence and education to perform well at high-end jobs.  That's why there are so few blacks in Silicon Valley.  This is not racism - it's simply reality. 

Every attempt to override reality with political correctness distorts life away from reality.  Political correctness is orthogonal to correctness.  (PC, the term, is not new, and is a feature of cultural Marxism.  We, as a culture, descend further and further into madness as we insist on more and more politically-correct 'facts', theories, and political systems.  "Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it so."

Blacks are not kept out of good paying jobs because the employers are racist.  (Remember, statistics, not individuals.)  They are kept out because they are not qualified to do those jobs.  And when PC based "affirmative action" hiring practices are used to hire unqualified blacks, all blacks, even those who are competent to hold those jobs, are looked at with a jaundiced eye.  The same principle applies to women hired under the same policies, for the same reasons.  (But for different base principles - men and women are different, have different physiques, skills, and likes.  Again, statistics, not individuals.)

If blacks and whites are known to have different physical capabilities (White Men Can't Jump), be subject to different diseases, and can be determined to be different on sight by toddlers, who can deny that the populations are distinct?  Of course we are all the same species - homo sapiens sapiens.  We can interbreed.  (And boy, do we even interbreed.  It's what humans seem to do best.)  That's not to say that there aren't different races.  That is like saying that there is only one kind of dog, since they can all interbreed.  Obviously, there are different dogs, and dogs are different from wolves.  But since they can interbreed, they constitute a single species, with very little genetic difference.  The same applies to human populations.  Look at different groups from around the globe - they are all different.

One of the biggest, most pernicious lies I experienced when growing up was that "everybody is the same".  Obviously, we're not.  "All men are created equal."  Yes, and then they are born.  All men are equal in the eyes of God, and should be equal in the eyes of the law.  It's when we pervert this principle that things go wrong.  (See Baltimore over the last week or so, Ferguson last year, etc.)  Police and Firefighter tests for hiring and promotion are dumbed down because blacks can't pas them.  Blacks are disproportionately promoted in the military to maintain the 'proper proportions'.  Affirmative action hiring quotas all across the spectrum.  None of it works as it purports to intend, and all of it makes life worse for everyone.

Talking plainly about this topic is deemed 'controversial'.  How can stating the plain truth be controversial?  Is this not America?  The land where we laugh at the emperor with no clothes, and mock his ministers?  Do we now bow down before our 'betters' and accept the popular 'truth' of the day?

The worst part of the denial of truth is that it destroys the concept of truth, and the belief that America is the land where your actions determine your fate, not vague outside forces and membership in the right group, or birth status.  The land of opportunity and the great melting pot.  The truly American dream of success or failure on your own merits and efforts, of a better life for your children.  The lies eat away from this dream, and replace it with the nightmare of corruption that most of the rest of the world lives with.

For those who read to the end here, congratulations.  I know my thoughts wander, and I am not a great communicator.  But the essence of my thoughts on this subject are not that 'blacks are bad'.  Far from it.  My intent was to show that political correctness is bad, nay not just bad, but evil.  Political correctness is the opposite of objective reality.

Speak the truth and shame the devil.  2+2=4, and no dictator or priest can make it otherwise.

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