Friday, May 8, 2015

VE Day +70

Today is VE Day +70 years.  This is a cause for celebration and remembrance.  Celebration of the successful and victorious conclusion of combat in Europe.  Remembrance of those who didn't return from those fights, and of the memory of those who did who are no longer with us.

Today was the greatest collection of WWII aircraft in 60 years, over 50 planes, doing a flyover of Washington, DC in multiple waves.  I went up on the top of my office building to watch and take pictures.  The property management people caught us near the end of the show and shooed us downstairs.
Here are (admittedly poor) pictures of some of the planes.

Catalina emergency landing


B24 with P51 escorts



Formation of biplane trainers

P51s hotdogging.  They flew low down the Potomac, and then popped up above the Mall.

Catalina.  It arrived early, and circled for a while to wait for its turn.

I think its a Texan.  It acted like an in-flight sheepdog for the fly by.

Not sure what these are.  I think they're monoplane trainers.

P40s and the sheepdog.

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