Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Glo-bull Warning

Whenever you hear someone ranting on about "climate change" (formerly global warming, formerly global cooling), just remember:

The ground temperature data is falsified.
The satellite temperature data is currently being falsified.
The ice cores are lied about.
The tree rings were from one side of one tree.
The models are bupkis.
The data is hidden.
The sources are deleted.
The code is obfuscated.
Simple questions and contrary opinions are shouted down.

Questioners are labeled as heretics and threatened with death.

There is no science in their "science".  It's political religion all the way down.  

Marx is a jealous god.


  1. I recall when "climategate" happened and emails were leaked ("hide the decline") along with some code. Eric S. Raymond, I think, went and ran it - and fed it a CONSTANT. Output? Rising temps. That's really simple test for it to fail.

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