Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why should we?

In numerous rulings of the US Supreme Court, the Court has ruled that the constitution means whatever the the majority of a small group says it means.  This is simply the rule of men in black robes, not the rule of law.  In no way does it show respect for the Constitution, which every member of government is sworn to uphold and protect.  The men and women of the Supreme Court have proven themselves to be oath breakers.  They are wholly untrustworthy, as they have broken the most sacred and honored bonds of our nations governance.  So why should we pay attention to anything they have to say?  And what should we do about this abysmal and depressing state of affairs?

Congress, the Executive, and the Courts all routinely ignore the Constitution, existing laws, and the common law.  They also routinely defy common sense, propriety, and decency, but that is to be expected in any governing body.

While both parties are corrupt to their core, the Democrat party is the chief proponent of firm handed anarchy.  This is not an oxymoron.  They propose law after idiotic, intrusive, counterproductive law, to restrain the majority of decent, law abiding people, while actively encouraging the base instincts of their true constituency - the radicals and malcontents who wish to destroy my beautiful nation and replace it with a country more in tune with international norms.  You know, like Venezuela,Angola, or Pakistan.

Why do I mention these simple things that all reasonably well informed men understand, regretfully, to be true?  Simply to point out that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  There is no way to win a war, which is what this is - a war for our hearts, minds, souls, bodies, wealth, and land - by being too virtuous to fight.  It may take too to tango, but it only takes one side to start a fight.

As our decent parents instructed us when we were young - You better not start a fight.  But if you're in one, you better fight to win.

The time for politeness and decency has passed.  It passed when the Democrats started using violence to achieve their political objectives.  When was that?  I'm not really sure, but I believe it was before I was born, and I'm not a young man anymore.  They incite mobs to riot, loot, and burn.  They incite violent protest, where the "peaceful counter-demonstrators" bring clubs, knives, Molotov cocktails, and guns to intimidate and silence us.  They encourage and support lawless occupiers, shiftless bums who defy law and good order to prevent others from peacefully attending to their lawful trade, and from enjoying supposedly public spaces, while the police do nothing, at the order of their Democrat superiors.

Every political assassination in American history has been committed by a Democrat or a Communist.  Of course, any attempt to measure the difference between a Democrat and a Communist results in a division by zero error.

The KKK was formed as the armed wing of the southern Democrat party.  The ACLU was founded by the American Communist Party, for the express purpose of undermining the rule of law through the courts, and to attack the people through the devious misuse of the law.

If these tactics are good enough for the Democrat party, then their use is meet and good for all parties and organizations to use.  Failure to meet force with equal or greater force always results in losing ground, not gaining or even holding on to what you have.  It's high time to fight fire with fire.

Once we are resolved to survive and win, how then are we to accomplish these goals?  War is conducted on multiple levels - goals, tactics, operations, and strategy.  Your goals must be few and simple, that they may be easily understood by all your supporters and the interested neutrals.  In order to be truly successful, your strategy must be to achieve your goals and foil your opponent from reaching his.  Your operations must be designed to gain ground, or oppose your opponent so as to not lose ground unnecessarily.  Your tactics must be geared to avoid your enemy's strengths, and attack his weaknesses.  But always remember that the tactics must suit the operations, and the operations must suit the strategy, and the strategy must be appropriate to the goal.

The traditional order in American politics is as follows - soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box.  Or opponents have controlled the soap box, ballot box, and jury box for almost a century.  We control the cartridge box, in that the gun owners, police, and military are primarily, if not overwhelmingly, composed of traditional, decent Americans.  This is why our opponents spend so much time and effort attempting to destroy the credibility, effectiveness, and morale of the police and military, and why they never stop talking about gun control, while opposing all attempts at controlling criminals.

In order to utilize the strength of the cartridge box, without going full SHTF (which I think we may all agree is a less than optimal outcome), we need to gain more control of the soap, ballot, and jury box.

We have made remarkable progress on the ballot box in the past two decades.  However, the core of the Republican party allies itself with the Democrats as fellow travelers, or one half of the bi-factional 'ruling power' party.  These traitors must be purged, or the Republican party must be replaced.  Replacing the party in our two-party system is a remarkably formidable task, so it may be easier and quicker to purge the party of its undesirable quislings.  This may be best accomplished through the soap box and jury box, as the movers and shakers behind the party are not truly elected, but a self-appointing oligarchy.  They may have money, but we have numbers, and we can move in the light while they must scurry in the shadows.

Progress in retaking the soap box has been made, primarily through the explosion of alternate news sources.  Fox News may be slightly right of center, but it is so far to the right of ABCNNBCBS that to them, it appears to be the far right.  The internet has allowed and encouraged a proliferation of news aggregators, and even independent news agencies.  Talk radio is overwhelmingly on our side (leaving aside PBS, of course, which is wholly funded and staffed by our enemies).  We must capitalize on these strengths, and move forward with them.  No Democrat lie must be left unexposed, every unfounded accusation countered, every hidden scandal exposed to the cleansing light of day.  Give them no peace, give them no rest.  The have nothing but lies to spread, as their basic philosophy denies the existence of truth and goodness.  Don't let them shut you up.  We are a quiet legion, they are a bellowing few.  We must not allow them to silence us.  Together, our simple speech becomes an overwhelming roar of truth and righteousness.

Control of the jury box comes through control of the ballot box and the soap box.  Judicial malfeasance must be exposed, and judges must be impeached, disrobed, and disbarred.  Protests may be held outside the courts, and before the homes of judges who replace the constitution and the rule of law with the rule of men in black robes.  Judges must become too afraid of the repercussions to make arbitrary and capricious rulings, as they are currently comfortable and encouraged so to do.

It has taken a century for our beloved nation to be brought to this despicable state of being, where truth, light and goodness are all opposed by the ruling parties, and the people who founded, built, and bled for this great nation are ridiculed, where our own government seeks to replace us with numberless hordes of wholly alien invaders.  This land, this nation, our people may return to greatness once again.  But achieving this worthy goal will be neither quick, painless, cheap, or easy.  We must retake our land, our nation, our government from those who seek to destroy us, our culture, our very way of life.  This is a worthy goal.  We must prove ourselves worthy of it.