Friday, September 9, 2016

More offensive words

Today, my non-existent viewers, I offer you yet more offensively true words.

  • Barack Hussein Obama is not a genius.  His actions are quite easily understandable, even predictable, if you understand his fundamental character.  He is a Black, Muslim Communist, raised outside America and taught to hate America.
  • Islam is inherently evil.  There is no moderate Islam, in the same way that there is no mild arsenic.  The closest thing Islam has to moderates are the people who are Muslim on Fridays.  They are Muslim, and will agree with whatever their Imam preaches, but don't really think much about it.  But if you try to take it away from them, or tell them that it's wrong, they'll kill you.  Because their Imam taught them that EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS EVIL, VILE AND WRONG.

  • Communism is evil, and doesn't work.  Sure, it works just fine for ants and bees, but humans are not insects.  Also, even with the ants and bees, the workers work themselves to death for the benefit of the queen.  Think about that.  
  • Socialism is slow motion communism with a happy-face mask.  Here, kid, the first one's free.
  • All men are indeed created equal.  And then they're born.  Or, in many urban hellholes, aborted.
  • No society that has enfranchised women has survived for more than a very few generations.  Just like pacifism and communism, every time it has been tried, it has ended in disaster.
  • Allowing immigration from nations unlike your own is a slow form of national suicide.  Allowing unlimited migration is a much quicker form of cultural suicide.  Please note that the majority of children entering kindergarten in the USA this year are non-white, and many speak no English at home.
If the above make you uncomfortable or angry, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Objective Reality

Way back when, Soviet Army officers had a code phrase they used to explain to the Commissars (communist thought police) that a particular thing was true in the real world, and wasn't subject to Soviet theory.  This magical phrase was "objective reality", and was used to try to keep from being arrested, tortured, and shot for obeying the laws of the real world, instead of the laws of Soviet revolutionary theory.

Oh, how we laughed about those stupid Communists and their insanities.

Brown University recently instituted a policy of placing feminine hygiene products in all the restrooms, including the men's rooms, because " not all people who menstruate are women."

Oh, how far we have fallen.  "Not all people who menstruate are women."  This is the mark of an insane culture, completely divorced from real-world objective reality.

As an act of centi-, possibly deci-aggression, I hereby lay out a few facts from objective reality.
  • Homosexuality may be natural for some few (~2%) people, but it certainly isn't normal.
  • Men are not women.  Women are not men.  They are different.  It is called sexual dimorphism, and is quite common among animals.
  • We have a term for men who think they are women, or vice-versa.  That term is "insane".
  • The fact that the American Psychological Association has reclassified homosexuality, transvestitism, and transgenderism as "normal" simply means that the members of the APA are, themselves, insane.
  • Blacks are not the same as Whites, who are different from Asians.  You can tell just by looking at people that they have differences.  Those who say there are no human races, are either lying, insane, or have obviously never met anybody who looked or acted differently from themselves.
  • The human races are not genetically distinct.  This is generally true, but only to the same degree that chihuahuas, dobermans, wolves, pekingese, and coyotes are not genetically distinct from each other.  And yet, the average (non-insane) person can easily tell them apart visually, and notice that they each exhibit different behavior patterns.
  • Blacks are dumber and more violent than American Indians/Chicanos, who are dumber and more violent than whites, who are dumber and more violent than East Asians.  Most of the failure of American domestic policies over the last 50 years come from ignoring or actively denying this simple truth.
  • There is such a thing as human nature.  It's easily observed in Africa and other hell holes.  Culture allows us to rise above our baser nature.  See, for example, the nicer parts of Europe, and the whiter parts of the United States.
  • The United States is a white, Christian country, founded, settled, and tamed by white, Christian people.  Mostly protestants from Great Britain and Germany, with English being the primary culture and language.
  • Attempts to alter the historical composition of the American People are attempts to destroy the future of the American People.  Demography is destiny. 
  • The historical American freedoms are meant only for the historical American people.  They were not meant to apply to the savage Indians, nor to Mexicans, nor to whatever people could manage to invade our land across our shores or borders.  If you don't believe this, go reread the preamble to the Constitution, and notice where it says "to Ourselves and our Posterity".  Then read the thoughts of the founders themselves.  Then look at every immigration law before the traitorous 1965 act.
  • All of the above was simple common sense and common knowledge before the crazy years began in the 1960's.  Since then, our enemies have worked long and hard to destroy us from within.
  • Communists have been working inside America since the 1930's to destroy us with our own freedoms and systems of government.  They first took over the State Department (go look it up), then focused on taking over entertainment, news and schools, because these are the propaganda arms that fashion the thoughts of the current and future generations.  They created invidious systems that propagated themselves.  These systems sounded nice, preaching 'fairness' and 'equality' to all, while actually destroying the will and culture of the strongest, most free people ever to walk the Earth.  They have largely succeeded.
  • The Democrat Party, and many members of the Republican Party, are wholly in favor of the destruction of the traditional American People, and are actively working against us.  The popularity of Donald Trump is explained simply because he is not obviously anti-American.
  • If you are upset by the preceding true facts from objective reality, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.  Reality always wins in the end, no matter how we may wish the world to be otherwise.
Now that we have identified the problems, it is time to identify solutions.  The problems are critical and life threatening.  Peaceful solutions may have been possible just a few years ago, but I no longer believe peaceful solutions are possible.  Not if we want to survive and prevail over our enemies.

I, personally, don't see this ending without lakes of blood and mountains of skulls.  Naturally, I prefer the blood and skulls to be those of my enemies, not my own people.