Friday, September 9, 2016

More offensive words

Today, my non-existent viewers, I offer you yet more offensively true words.

  • Barack Hussein Obama is not a genius.  His actions are quite easily understandable, even predictable, if you understand his fundamental character.  He is a Black, Muslim Communist, raised outside America and taught to hate America.
  • Islam is inherently evil.  There is no moderate Islam, in the same way that there is no mild arsenic.  The closest thing Islam has to moderates are the people who are Muslim on Fridays.  They are Muslim, and will agree with whatever their Imam preaches, but don't really think much about it.  But if you try to take it away from them, or tell them that it's wrong, they'll kill you.  Because their Imam taught them that EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS EVIL, VILE AND WRONG.

  • Communism is evil, and doesn't work.  Sure, it works just fine for ants and bees, but humans are not insects.  Also, even with the ants and bees, the workers work themselves to death for the benefit of the queen.  Think about that.  
  • Socialism is slow motion communism with a happy-face mask.  Here, kid, the first one's free.
  • All men are indeed created equal.  And then they're born.  Or, in many urban hellholes, aborted.
  • No society that has enfranchised women has survived for more than a very few generations.  Just like pacifism and communism, every time it has been tried, it has ended in disaster.
  • Allowing immigration from nations unlike your own is a slow form of national suicide.  Allowing unlimited migration is a much quicker form of cultural suicide.  Please note that the majority of children entering kindergarten in the USA this year are non-white, and many speak no English at home.
If the above make you uncomfortable or angry, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

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