Saturday, December 31, 2016

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

This is the greatest bit of scientific hokum I've run across in quite a while.  The delayed choice quantum eraser experiments are, to me, intensely amusing bits of scientific theater and sleight-of-hand.

The problem is, the scientists doing and reviewing these experiments don't get the joke.  They think it's real.

To review, a delayed choice quantum eraser involves using a clever arrangement of beam splitters and mirrors to identify (or not) which path a photon travels through, well, let's call it a maze.  They then claim than when we human's have knowledge of which path the photon took, it acts like a particle, but when we humans don't know which path it took, it acts like a wave.  Oh, and in some experiments, there appears to be a backwards in time flow of information from one part of the experiment to another.

This all has caused great consternation and debate in scientific circles.  Which just goes to show that most scientists aren't all that smart.

They all ignore one very simple thing:  scientific instruments aren't Platonian ideal instruments.  They are physical things.  To be specific, beam splitters work by selecting some photons to transmit, and some to select.  This is a mechanical action.  This selection is what seems to cause the interference patterns in these experiments.  That's it.  All these experiments serve simply to show that, by golly, the beam splitter selectively split the beam into two parts.

They completely overlook the physical nature of the half-silvered mirror.  It, by its nature and design, selects some photons for one path or another (even though the wave divides and travels both).  The specific properties of each photon determines which path it is more likely to travel.  These paths are thus deterministic but unknowable.  Similarly configured photons will follow similar paths.  And thus, the apparent interference pattern emerges from the simple act of selecting photons by the beam splitters.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Mental Illness

So, a New York Jewish lawyer faggot verbally assaulted President elect Trump's daughter and grandchildren on a plane.

Tweeted picture from the faggot's "husband", bragging how his butt buddy was harassing a young woman and her small children because he didn't like the outcome of an election.  Oh, and the asshole did this while carrying a small child.  Who gives a child to a gay man, anyways?  Oh, wait, New York now gives gay couples preference for all adoptions.  Because we need more screwed up (and with) kids, apparently.  (Not all faggots fuck little boys, but all the men who fuck little boys are faggots.  That's how they make more faggots - teach them while they're young.)

Homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness, as it obviously is.  Faggots tend to have other mental problems.  It's one of the reasons (besides being creepy) that they were barred from military service, and prevented from holding a security clearance.  They're inherently unstable.  And given that they are such a small percentage of the population (under 2%, around 3% including bisexuals), the risks they pose is nowhere near the possible reward of the value and quality of their work.  That and the fact that normal people are creeped out by them and don't want to be near them.  Especially sleeping and showering with some skeevy creep who wants to fuck you in the ass.

I knew several gay people in the Army.  Not a single one of them was worth the powder to blow them up, as my dad would say.  They caused no end of trouble, and were terrible at their jobs.  Especially the officers - uniformly completely terrible, faggots and lesbians alike.

Progressivism/liberalism is also a kind of mental disease.  It's victims deserve treatment, because it can be cured.  When the victims of this highly destructive malady are identified, they should be immediately confined to an appropriate treatment facility for long term care.  Unfortunately, faggotry and lesbianism simply aren't treatable.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

More on the fundamental nature of the universe

The understanding I have of the fundamental forces of the universe has advanced a bit, so I thought I'd share.  To my understanding, the fundamental forces are simple and elegant.  Momentum and gravity and 'dark energy' are all related.  'Dark matter' may be an emergent property of these forces.  I've got just about everything here, in one nice, neat, relatively simple package.

Here is a crudely drawn picture of what I'm going to be talking about.
Assume an energy field, existing everywhere.  That field has a positive strength.  This is the fundamental nature of space-time.

Matter draws its energy from this field.  The field adjusts by lowering the energy level around the particle of matter, with the amount of drop decreasing in a square law fashion.  This is gravity.  All things seek to occupy a lower energy level, and require force to make them go up the energy gradient.  They gain energy by going down the gradient.

This is the slanted black line above.  Gravity is a push from empty space, more than a pull from matter.  Gravity is a lower energy level.

Momentum is a directional wave in the ambient energy, with the lower end of the wave in the direction of movement.  Above, it is shown as the red curve.  In reality, it is three dimensional, with relative null points at 90 degrees to forward motion.  (Think of a slanted bowl.)  Thus, particles are forced forward towards to lower energy level, and resist going backwards towards the higher energy level.  This also explains the red and blue shift of emitted photons - they gain energy if going forwards, are neutral at 90 degrees to motion, and lose energy if emitted backwards.

The blue dot at the center is the particle, whatever it may be.  The wave around it is its momentum - the higher the momentum, the steeper and more narrow the curve.  More massive particles require more energy to influence their momentum wave.  This implies that their waves have a shorter wavelength, which matches with observations.  The more massive and faster a particle is, the more fixed its location is - the shorter its position wavelength.  Remember, shorter wavelengths require more energy.

Here's the really cool part - space-time dilation is built into the picture.  Using natural units (speed of light equals 1, no time/space dilation equals 1), the sine of the angle is the velocity, and the cosine of the angle is perceived time and length.  Thus, a theoretical non-moving particle in an area of no gravity (no energy differentials at all) would have a perfectly flat wave (nonexistent, really) with sine 0 and cosine 1.  This is the fastest possible perception of time and distance (1), and the slowest possible speed (0).  Conversely, a photon's momentum wave is a verticle discontinuity of width zero.  It has a sine of 1 (fastest possible velocity) and a cosine of 0 (lowest possible perception of time and distance).  All of a photon's energy is in its spin, not its forward movement.

The edge of a black hole would be where the energy gradient is at 90 degrees to the vertical, and would be where the total energy level reaches zero.  What's beyond that?  Negative energy levels, with weird results.  There be dragons.

So, the universal energy accounts for dark energy.  It pushes matter away from it, the more you have of it.  So that checks out.  The fun question is - as the universe expands, does this energy level drop, or is it created out of nothing?  According to the recent research I've seen, it seems to stay steady, appearing out of nothing.  This violates the principle of conservation of energy on a large scale, but not so much at the local level.  So the universe isn't a pot of water, with the level going down as the pot grows larger.  It seems to be more of a sieve in a larger pool of water, with the level staying steady even as the vessel grows larger.


Here's where things get speculative.  Imagine that the energy acts as a fluid.  Yes, it can move on its own.  That's where gravity waves come from, and the apparent existence of dark matter.  If the energy field is a fluid, it can and does move.  This movement is caused entirely by the existence and movement of matter, which we see as gravity. The fluid energy wouldn't move at any scale we would perceive, but it would have large scale movement.  Say, with the steady spin of a spiral galaxy.  The matter in a proto-galaxy would begin to coalesce and spin.  That causes the emergence of the spiral arm structure.  After a bit of resistance, the fluid energy would also begin to spin, eventually keeping up with the matter.  This fixes the spin of the arms like a record player.  The entire construct would spin like a record, with fixed axial rotation, instead of like water going down a drain.

To see this in action, fill a pot of water.  Sprinkle herbs on top.  Now, stick a spoon in the center of the pot and twirl it.  The herbs will spin around, faster and faster at the center, forming spirals.  The spirals will eventually stabilize as the entire pot of water eventually moves at a fixed axial rate of rotation.

Again, this part is speculative, but seems to agree with observations and basic principles.

Oh, and light speed limits don't apply to spin, just momentum.  They also don't seem to apply to the ambient energy levels, just the particles in them.  Gravity works instantly, across the entire galaxy, ignoring all limits.  Waves in the energy, however, must respect the speed limit.


Why no, I can't even begin to express this mathematically.  I don't think in math.  I think in pictures, and thus geometry.  (I choked at three dimensional calculus.  I couldn't see the shapes described by the equations.) 

Math is just a description of what geometry is doing, anyways.  It's the geometry that is fundamental.  If you don't believe that, go back over the fundamental theorems of calculus - differentiation is computing the slope of a curve, and integration is computing the area under a curve.  The curve is fundamental, and may be described and analyzed with mathematics.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Albania, part 2 - Albania is a silly place

Note for the Albanians, and everyone else who may feel the need to nitpick - these are my recollections of my time in the US Army 'assisting' Albania during the Kosovo air war back in 1999.

Albania is totally the inspiration for Dilbert's Elbonia, without the mittens.  It is a cartoon country.

Albanians have been there in Albania for a long time.  How long?  The ancient Greek word 'barbarian' was invented to describe the Albanians.  This being the case, the population is remarkably inbred.  While I was there, I learned that there were only 6 male Albanian faces.  That's it.  You could tell which tribe some guy was from just by looking at him.  The women were more varied, which makes sense, given the Albanian's long history of participation in the sex slavery trade.

Albania has no national economy.  They don't even grow food.  They grow hay for the sheep and goats.  They eat the sheep and goats.  The Christian Albanians eat the pigs who are the only garbage disposal service.  The Muslim Albanians eat the pigs occasionally as well, and remark about how good the 'lamb' tastes.

Albania exports oil to Italy, and imports gasoline.  This whole process runs at a net loss.

Albania doesn't make anything except crime and more Albanians.  The Albanian mafia is the scariest on Earth.  The only time I've heard about the Russian and Sicilian mafias working together, was to exterminate the local Albanian thugs in New York City.  It didn't last - for some reason, the US just keeps letting more Albanians in.  They all then turn to crime.  (This is only a slight exaggeration.)  Yes, as a matter of fact I did actually meet a local Albanian crime lord who dressed in the height of fashion as an early '70s Hollywood movie pimp.  wide collars on a pastel shirt, left unbuttoned down to his belly button, with clashing bell bottom pants and a gold chain with giant medallion.  He even had the rose colored glasses and chrome pistol.  I wanted to shoot him, just out of general principles, but my boss wouldn't let me.

Albania runs crime throughout central and eastern Europe.  They even dominate parts of Italy, because they're more frightening than la Cosa Nostra.  The Italian mob prides itself, in its heart, as being men of honor and family.  They make deals and keep their word.  They generally leave the wives and kids out of things.  Even the Russians have an honor code, even if it is very different.  Yes, the Russians will go after your kids, but only if you really piss them off.

The Albanians start with your kids.  That is their idea of a first warning, a sort of opening offer for the deal they want.  They have never met, nor even heard of ruth.  All the cars in Albania are stolen from elsewhere.  I'm not making this up.  Every.  Single.  One.  Albanians run the sex slave trade in Europe.

Back in the '90s, when president for life Enver Hodja died, the country came apart.  The new government instituted a giant ponzi scheme, and defrauded everyone.  Once the scheme had run its course, they left the country with the money, leaving the country penniless and deeply in debt.  The people revolted, and stole everything.  I mean everything.  They sold the railroad tracks for scrap metal.  They sold power lines for copper.  They demolished what few industries they had and sold the machinery for scrap.  You've heard the phrase 'industrial wasteland'?  Albania had one.  I've seen it.  A large, long valley, full of shattered, rubbled factory buildings.  They stopped construction of the nation's second multi-lane paved road after just a few miles.  It was fun to drive on - they had only laid down the cement base, which had lengths of rebar sticking up randomly out of it.  Some of the rebar was up to about a foot high.  Really fun to drive along that road.

Albania doesn't have laws.  Well, it does, but that's just so the secret police can arrest anybody for anything, because everything's against the law.  Since everything is illegal, everybody ignores all the laws.  Traffic laws in particular.  Their traffic moves on the principal that you generally drive on the right, unless you don't feel like it.  The bigger vehicle has the right of way.  Since we were the US Army, we added a new variation on that - the vehicle with the biggest guns has the right of way.  It's amazing how fast a tailgater drops back when you point a 40mm machine gun at him.  (Yes, it's a mark 19 automatic grenade launcher.)

The weirdest thing about the country was the mushrooms.  Concrete bunkers, shaped like mushrooms, were scattered all over the country.  Millions of them.  There were more bunkers than there were people in Albania.  Hodja was one seriously paranoid man, even for a Communist.  There is a reason why Soviet citizens were allowed to visit Albania without explicit permission.  The place was worse than Soviet Russia, and deliberately made ugly.  The Russians who visited were happy to get back home, and grateful to live in such a good land, compared to Albania.

In northern Albania, we found a small lake that glowed in the dark.  It was bright green, like antifreeze.  Nothing lived within about 50 yards of the water's edge.  No plants, no animals, no fungus or lichen - nothing.We didn't get within a hundred yards of it.  I wish I had pictures.

The most entertainment I had was watching the Albanian army move tanks along the road towards Serbia.  Remember, there was a war of sorts going on.  The Serbs were cleansing Kosovo of all the Albanians they could.  Albania objected.  The US got involved, because Clinton.  Anyways, the tank carriers (tanks eat roads, and vice versa.  For long distance, non-combat purposes, tanks are carried on flatbed trucks.  Really big ones.) were too long for the switchbacks along the mountain roads.  So they had to do a lot of backing and filling to negotiate each curve.  Each truck had to do this, and there were several trucks.  (Soviet model tank companies had ten tanks.)  So we spent a half a day watching ten trucks move about one mile.  That's entertainment.

The roads - Being more paranoid than thou, Hodja had the cheif of the Army design the road network for national defense.  So he designed the roads to be as difficult as possible for any aggressor to use.  The roads generally didn't go anywhere useful, and they certainly didn't go anywhere directly.  Oh, and most off them weren't paved.  The good, main roads did have gravel, so at least that's something.  Our convoy drove up a corduroy road to the top of a mountain once.  The trail was about an inch wider than out trucks, up the side of a steep mountain.  I later checked, and yes, that was a thousand foot drop I was looking straight down as I drove the truck a few inches at a time.  With the passenger side mirror pulled in, that side scraped against the cut-away portion of the mountain, while the driver's side tires were just on the edge of the logs that made up the road.  The tires were actually not over the ground, just supported by the logs and branches that made up the road, held down by the weight of the vehicle on the tires on the other side.  I'm very proud to say that every truck made it up the mountain, and back down again the next day.

That night, we had a beautiful view of the bomber strikes on the other side of the border in Kosovo (Serbia).  Two thousand pound bombs illuminate the whole night sky briefly when they explode, highlighting the silhouette of the mountains.  Good times.

This is a good point to mention that our translator at that point was an ethnic Albanian girl who had grown up in Brooklyn.  She had never left the city before she volunteered for the job to be a translator for us.  She had never seen the night sky before, and actually didn't know that you could see the sun rise and set.  When she saw the sun rise from the top of that mountain, she wept tears of joy as she drank her cold cocoa.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

So there I was, in Albania. Part 1

So there I was, Albania, 1999.  Kosovo "air war".

The Army, in its infinite wisdom, decided to go to war against Serbia.  Well, Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright did, anyways.  Anyway, we went to war, not with thew troops who were training for the mission, but with the troops who just happened to show up at the unit just then.  Nope, couldn't interrupt training for the actual mission.

So the two guys who were still inprocessing and I, who had completed inprocessing a week before, were ordered to war.  We got the notice on Monday morning, and left Tuesday afternoon.  The other guys had to finish inprocessing, so I got to find all the left over, broken junk gear that nobody else wanted, so we could go to war with it.  Did I mention that was was my first tactical assignment, and I knew slightly less than nothing about what I was doing?

The HMMWV was held together with 100mph tape and 550 cord.  I mean that.  I leaked oil more slowly than we could pour it in, so that was OK.  Good enough for going to war, anyways.  Where was all the good gear?  At Hohenfells, being used to prepare the existing teams in case we needed to go to war with Serbia.  Couldn't be spared, couldn't cancel or shorten training.  Wouldn't be right.  No, I'm not kidding.

Anyways, we eventually get all the gear (leaky tent, check.  Broken field desk, check.  Field phone built for the Korean conflict, check.)  We get our weapons - an M9 Beretta 9mm pistol each, six 15-round magazines each, and 30 rounds of ammunition each.  Yes, you read that right.  6 mags, only 30 rounds.  No maps - so I went to the post library, and copied out the pages on Albania and Yugoslavia from the encyclopedia.  No, I'm not kidding.  When we got there, I had the only map of the country, other than the General's personal map.  No, I'm not kidding.

Oh, did I mention that I just happened to have arrived at my unit in Germany straight from 2 years at DLI, Monterey, CA?  I learned Russian and Serbo-Croatian, as it happened.  That's not why I was sent - I was an available warm body.  So, the US Army went to war with Serbia, and I just happened to be the only Serbian speaker in the entire task force.  (Another guy from our unit who spoke Serbian showed up a little later, but he got assigned to different duties, and our paths didn't cross much.)  That's what I call good planning.

Much silliness happened.  I'm proud to say that I survived the mud with only minor foot ailments that left only one permanent mark on me.  I got the HMMWV out of the mud one night!  I helped rescue some woman from drowning in the mud.  You think you've seen mud?  The airfield there was built on a level field, at the confluence of two rivers.  Said field had been used as a sheep pasture for at least 5,000 years.  It was Spring - you know, when the snow in the mountains melts, and the rivers flood.  Into the big, empty field.  Around the airfield.  So we were thigh deep in liquid sheep shit.  For weeks.  Everything, and I mean everything, sank into the mire.  We made paths of early Hesco-like barrier material.  They sank.  We piled more on.  They sank.  We ran out of barriers, so started piling on sandbags.  They sank, but established a path that was only thigh deep, so we set out markers and called it good enough.   The porta-johns, delivered at the beginning, couldn't be emptied because the honey trucks sank in the mud.  You can't dig latrines in a swamp.  Things were ugly.  The showers showed up after two months.  They were only a half mile away from us - a pleasant stroll through the muck.  And, of course, they sank in the mud, which made showering a bit more interesting, and less cleansing, than you might imagine.

Friday, September 9, 2016

More offensive words

Today, my non-existent viewers, I offer you yet more offensively true words.

  • Barack Hussein Obama is not a genius.  His actions are quite easily understandable, even predictable, if you understand his fundamental character.  He is a Black, Muslim Communist, raised outside America and taught to hate America.
  • Islam is inherently evil.  There is no moderate Islam, in the same way that there is no mild arsenic.  The closest thing Islam has to moderates are the people who are Muslim on Fridays.  They are Muslim, and will agree with whatever their Imam preaches, but don't really think much about it.  But if you try to take it away from them, or tell them that it's wrong, they'll kill you.  Because their Imam taught them that EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS EVIL, VILE AND WRONG.

  • Communism is evil, and doesn't work.  Sure, it works just fine for ants and bees, but humans are not insects.  Also, even with the ants and bees, the workers work themselves to death for the benefit of the queen.  Think about that.  
  • Socialism is slow motion communism with a happy-face mask.  Here, kid, the first one's free.
  • All men are indeed created equal.  And then they're born.  Or, in many urban hellholes, aborted.
  • No society that has enfranchised women has survived for more than a very few generations.  Just like pacifism and communism, every time it has been tried, it has ended in disaster.
  • Allowing immigration from nations unlike your own is a slow form of national suicide.  Allowing unlimited migration is a much quicker form of cultural suicide.  Please note that the majority of children entering kindergarten in the USA this year are non-white, and many speak no English at home.
If the above make you uncomfortable or angry, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Objective Reality

Way back when, Soviet Army officers had a code phrase they used to explain to the Commissars (communist thought police) that a particular thing was true in the real world, and wasn't subject to Soviet theory.  This magical phrase was "objective reality", and was used to try to keep from being arrested, tortured, and shot for obeying the laws of the real world, instead of the laws of Soviet revolutionary theory.

Oh, how we laughed about those stupid Communists and their insanities.

Brown University recently instituted a policy of placing feminine hygiene products in all the restrooms, including the men's rooms, because " not all people who menstruate are women."

Oh, how far we have fallen.  "Not all people who menstruate are women."  This is the mark of an insane culture, completely divorced from real-world objective reality.

As an act of centi-, possibly deci-aggression, I hereby lay out a few facts from objective reality.
  • Homosexuality may be natural for some few (~2%) people, but it certainly isn't normal.
  • Men are not women.  Women are not men.  They are different.  It is called sexual dimorphism, and is quite common among animals.
  • We have a term for men who think they are women, or vice-versa.  That term is "insane".
  • The fact that the American Psychological Association has reclassified homosexuality, transvestitism, and transgenderism as "normal" simply means that the members of the APA are, themselves, insane.
  • Blacks are not the same as Whites, who are different from Asians.  You can tell just by looking at people that they have differences.  Those who say there are no human races, are either lying, insane, or have obviously never met anybody who looked or acted differently from themselves.
  • The human races are not genetically distinct.  This is generally true, but only to the same degree that chihuahuas, dobermans, wolves, pekingese, and coyotes are not genetically distinct from each other.  And yet, the average (non-insane) person can easily tell them apart visually, and notice that they each exhibit different behavior patterns.
  • Blacks are dumber and more violent than American Indians/Chicanos, who are dumber and more violent than whites, who are dumber and more violent than East Asians.  Most of the failure of American domestic policies over the last 50 years come from ignoring or actively denying this simple truth.
  • There is such a thing as human nature.  It's easily observed in Africa and other hell holes.  Culture allows us to rise above our baser nature.  See, for example, the nicer parts of Europe, and the whiter parts of the United States.
  • The United States is a white, Christian country, founded, settled, and tamed by white, Christian people.  Mostly protestants from Great Britain and Germany, with English being the primary culture and language.
  • Attempts to alter the historical composition of the American People are attempts to destroy the future of the American People.  Demography is destiny. 
  • The historical American freedoms are meant only for the historical American people.  They were not meant to apply to the savage Indians, nor to Mexicans, nor to whatever people could manage to invade our land across our shores or borders.  If you don't believe this, go reread the preamble to the Constitution, and notice where it says "to Ourselves and our Posterity".  Then read the thoughts of the founders themselves.  Then look at every immigration law before the traitorous 1965 act.
  • All of the above was simple common sense and common knowledge before the crazy years began in the 1960's.  Since then, our enemies have worked long and hard to destroy us from within.
  • Communists have been working inside America since the 1930's to destroy us with our own freedoms and systems of government.  They first took over the State Department (go look it up), then focused on taking over entertainment, news and schools, because these are the propaganda arms that fashion the thoughts of the current and future generations.  They created invidious systems that propagated themselves.  These systems sounded nice, preaching 'fairness' and 'equality' to all, while actually destroying the will and culture of the strongest, most free people ever to walk the Earth.  They have largely succeeded.
  • The Democrat Party, and many members of the Republican Party, are wholly in favor of the destruction of the traditional American People, and are actively working against us.  The popularity of Donald Trump is explained simply because he is not obviously anti-American.
  • If you are upset by the preceding true facts from objective reality, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.  Reality always wins in the end, no matter how we may wish the world to be otherwise.
Now that we have identified the problems, it is time to identify solutions.  The problems are critical and life threatening.  Peaceful solutions may have been possible just a few years ago, but I no longer believe peaceful solutions are possible.  Not if we want to survive and prevail over our enemies.

I, personally, don't see this ending without lakes of blood and mountains of skulls.  Naturally, I prefer the blood and skulls to be those of my enemies, not my own people.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why should we?

In numerous rulings of the US Supreme Court, the Court has ruled that the constitution means whatever the the majority of a small group says it means.  This is simply the rule of men in black robes, not the rule of law.  In no way does it show respect for the Constitution, which every member of government is sworn to uphold and protect.  The men and women of the Supreme Court have proven themselves to be oath breakers.  They are wholly untrustworthy, as they have broken the most sacred and honored bonds of our nations governance.  So why should we pay attention to anything they have to say?  And what should we do about this abysmal and depressing state of affairs?

Congress, the Executive, and the Courts all routinely ignore the Constitution, existing laws, and the common law.  They also routinely defy common sense, propriety, and decency, but that is to be expected in any governing body.

While both parties are corrupt to their core, the Democrat party is the chief proponent of firm handed anarchy.  This is not an oxymoron.  They propose law after idiotic, intrusive, counterproductive law, to restrain the majority of decent, law abiding people, while actively encouraging the base instincts of their true constituency - the radicals and malcontents who wish to destroy my beautiful nation and replace it with a country more in tune with international norms.  You know, like Venezuela,Angola, or Pakistan.

Why do I mention these simple things that all reasonably well informed men understand, regretfully, to be true?  Simply to point out that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  There is no way to win a war, which is what this is - a war for our hearts, minds, souls, bodies, wealth, and land - by being too virtuous to fight.  It may take too to tango, but it only takes one side to start a fight.

As our decent parents instructed us when we were young - You better not start a fight.  But if you're in one, you better fight to win.

The time for politeness and decency has passed.  It passed when the Democrats started using violence to achieve their political objectives.  When was that?  I'm not really sure, but I believe it was before I was born, and I'm not a young man anymore.  They incite mobs to riot, loot, and burn.  They incite violent protest, where the "peaceful counter-demonstrators" bring clubs, knives, Molotov cocktails, and guns to intimidate and silence us.  They encourage and support lawless occupiers, shiftless bums who defy law and good order to prevent others from peacefully attending to their lawful trade, and from enjoying supposedly public spaces, while the police do nothing, at the order of their Democrat superiors.

Every political assassination in American history has been committed by a Democrat or a Communist.  Of course, any attempt to measure the difference between a Democrat and a Communist results in a division by zero error.

The KKK was formed as the armed wing of the southern Democrat party.  The ACLU was founded by the American Communist Party, for the express purpose of undermining the rule of law through the courts, and to attack the people through the devious misuse of the law.

If these tactics are good enough for the Democrat party, then their use is meet and good for all parties and organizations to use.  Failure to meet force with equal or greater force always results in losing ground, not gaining or even holding on to what you have.  It's high time to fight fire with fire.

Once we are resolved to survive and win, how then are we to accomplish these goals?  War is conducted on multiple levels - goals, tactics, operations, and strategy.  Your goals must be few and simple, that they may be easily understood by all your supporters and the interested neutrals.  In order to be truly successful, your strategy must be to achieve your goals and foil your opponent from reaching his.  Your operations must be designed to gain ground, or oppose your opponent so as to not lose ground unnecessarily.  Your tactics must be geared to avoid your enemy's strengths, and attack his weaknesses.  But always remember that the tactics must suit the operations, and the operations must suit the strategy, and the strategy must be appropriate to the goal.

The traditional order in American politics is as follows - soap box, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box.  Or opponents have controlled the soap box, ballot box, and jury box for almost a century.  We control the cartridge box, in that the gun owners, police, and military are primarily, if not overwhelmingly, composed of traditional, decent Americans.  This is why our opponents spend so much time and effort attempting to destroy the credibility, effectiveness, and morale of the police and military, and why they never stop talking about gun control, while opposing all attempts at controlling criminals.

In order to utilize the strength of the cartridge box, without going full SHTF (which I think we may all agree is a less than optimal outcome), we need to gain more control of the soap, ballot, and jury box.

We have made remarkable progress on the ballot box in the past two decades.  However, the core of the Republican party allies itself with the Democrats as fellow travelers, or one half of the bi-factional 'ruling power' party.  These traitors must be purged, or the Republican party must be replaced.  Replacing the party in our two-party system is a remarkably formidable task, so it may be easier and quicker to purge the party of its undesirable quislings.  This may be best accomplished through the soap box and jury box, as the movers and shakers behind the party are not truly elected, but a self-appointing oligarchy.  They may have money, but we have numbers, and we can move in the light while they must scurry in the shadows.

Progress in retaking the soap box has been made, primarily through the explosion of alternate news sources.  Fox News may be slightly right of center, but it is so far to the right of ABCNNBCBS that to them, it appears to be the far right.  The internet has allowed and encouraged a proliferation of news aggregators, and even independent news agencies.  Talk radio is overwhelmingly on our side (leaving aside PBS, of course, which is wholly funded and staffed by our enemies).  We must capitalize on these strengths, and move forward with them.  No Democrat lie must be left unexposed, every unfounded accusation countered, every hidden scandal exposed to the cleansing light of day.  Give them no peace, give them no rest.  The have nothing but lies to spread, as their basic philosophy denies the existence of truth and goodness.  Don't let them shut you up.  We are a quiet legion, they are a bellowing few.  We must not allow them to silence us.  Together, our simple speech becomes an overwhelming roar of truth and righteousness.

Control of the jury box comes through control of the ballot box and the soap box.  Judicial malfeasance must be exposed, and judges must be impeached, disrobed, and disbarred.  Protests may be held outside the courts, and before the homes of judges who replace the constitution and the rule of law with the rule of men in black robes.  Judges must become too afraid of the repercussions to make arbitrary and capricious rulings, as they are currently comfortable and encouraged so to do.

It has taken a century for our beloved nation to be brought to this despicable state of being, where truth, light and goodness are all opposed by the ruling parties, and the people who founded, built, and bled for this great nation are ridiculed, where our own government seeks to replace us with numberless hordes of wholly alien invaders.  This land, this nation, our people may return to greatness once again.  But achieving this worthy goal will be neither quick, painless, cheap, or easy.  We must retake our land, our nation, our government from those who seek to destroy us, our culture, our very way of life.  This is a worthy goal.  We must prove ourselves worthy of it.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Combination wrench

OK, so I finally found out why I wasn't finding references to the triangular relationship between velocity/gravity, spacetime, and C (speed of light).  That's because it's not mentioned in relativity articles - it's obliquely referenced in descriptions of 4-position/velocity/momentum.  This seems to be another case of scientists not seeing the forest for the trees.  (It's not just scientists - it's really quite common.  When I went back to the engineering department of Football State U, I noticed that literally none of the electronics engineering students actually understood what all the waveforms being described so carefully by the complex math actually looked like, or how they acted.  But boy, could they do the math.)

Anyway, I recently was pondering on this subject again.  (No, I don't have much of a life, thanks for mentioning it.)  I now have a greater understanding (hopefully correct) about the relationship between mass, energy, spacetime, and gravity.  LEt's start with merging the two graphs - velocity and gravity interacting with spacetime via C.  Here's the simple chart.

Velocity and Gravity (red) are measured in fractions of C, and SpaceTime is measured in fraction of the reference frame (or a motionless, gravity-free baseline).  Note how the combination of gravity and velocity have a fixed relationship with SpaceTime, as determined by the universal constant, C (here in blue).  Relativity really is just this simple. 

As far as the causal relationship between mass, energy, SpaceTime, and gravity, I have a fairly simple, elegant solution.  (Elegance is not necessarily an indicator of correctness, but correct theories are normally elegant.)  Matter is energy - a whole lot of energy (E=mC^2).  That energy has to come from somewhere.  It is drawn from SpaceTime.  This creates an energy imbalance, which is instantly corrected by energy flowing into the area of the matter.  This simplifies as a flow of time towards the mass.

Gravity isn't so much a force emanating from a mass, as mass creates a depression in SpaceTime energy levels that is filled by energy pouring into it, resulting in a directional-time force we recognize as gravity.  A fine distinction, perhaps, but to my mind, a crucial one.  It is the difference between light emanating from a bulb, and water rushing down a drain. 

The greater the mass, the greater the energy, the more energy it removes from local SpaceTime, the more energy the surrounding spacetime pours in to try to correct the imbalance.  This creates an attractive force that is proportional to the mass, in inversely proportional to the square of the distance.  The amount of force per unit mass is tiny, because it has literally the entire universe to pull from to try to rebalance the energy levels, so the local imbalance ends up being very small. 

Yes, I know I'm probably not doing a good job explaining this.  It's quite clear in my head, but the words just don't seem to work.  This is very much case of things seeking a lower energy level.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Speaking of pigs ...

From the comments on Mad Genius Club yesterday.

 A couple friends of mine drove up into the mountains of southern Arizona one fine Saturday morning, to see what they could see. A couple of miles after the trail they were following petered out, they saw a lone javelina in front of a line of brush. One friend got out of the truck with his camera to get a closer picture of the creature, when it scrambled back into the brush. He was about to follow it into the brush when the other stopped him, and told him to get back into the truck. They waited about five minutes, and the little porker came back out.

They both took a couple of pictures from inside the truck, then friend number one got out of the truck again. Once again, the javelina ambled back into the brush. This time, both men had the sense to not follow it. Instead, they went carefully and quietly around the brush line.

Once they got around one end of the brush line (it was about 50 yards across, 5 yards deep, and roughly ‘U’ shaped), they stopped and stared. There were at least thirty javalina there, quietly watching the front of the brush line, where the men would have come out had they followed the smaller pig. After a minute, a couple of the larger ones prodded the photogenic little javelina back into the brush, to go try to lure lunch back to them again.

My friends quietly returned to the truck, turned around, and never went out on foot that far into the mountains again.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

In which I am correct, but dumb. Is there anybody out there?

A "gravity wave" has finally been detected.  Looking at the (rather poor) reporting, I am reminded of the Gell-Mann amnesia effect - all news reporting is bunk.  You just don't recognize is as dangerously wrong outside your areas of knowledge.  That even goes for the name of the thing.  It's not a wave of gravity.  That's just silly.  It's a ripple in space-time, caused by a gravitic event.  It's like tossing a rock in a pond, and calling the resulting waves in the water "stone waves".

Anyways, the first thought I had after hearing about the announcement (well, the second thought really.  The first thought was "Cool!") was "Yay!  This proves my theory of spacetime liquidity!"  And indeed it does.  Which led my thoughts back in the direction of my theories on the nature of spacetime, gravity, and motion.  Which led to me realizing in a dream this morning that I was on the right track, but for the wrong reasons, because I was stupidly omitting basic truths.

What I have been thinking about is the size of particles of spacetime, and how they shrink in the presence of high gravity and fast (high energy) particles.  I've been theorizing that the presence of mass (energy) in a point of spacetime (hereon "point") removed energy from the point, causing it to contract.  This comes from over use of the liquid spacetime metaphor.  A miss-application, if you will.  And then the correct answer hit me.  (Yes, in a dream.  I have most of my best ideas while dozing or daydreaming.)  The mass and energy of the particle isn't removing energy from the point.  Spacetime doesn't directly care about such things.  What spacetime concerns itself is exactly what its name suggests - space and time.  And velocity and gravity are simply time vectors.  A form of energy.  But they are adding energy to the point, not subtracting from it.  Shouldn't adding energy make something bigger?

Doofus!  This was the moment of breakthrough.  Adding energy to a thing MAKES IT SMALLER!  The more energy a wave has, the higher its frequency, the smaller its wavelength.  This is why researchers need to create staggeringly stupendous amounts of energy to detect minuscule particles.  So, the energy of a point is (at least partially) determined by its time vector content.  This solves almost all the problems I've been having with my theory.

The gravity field induces a time vector in points.  The higher the gravity, the larger the vector, the greater the energy, the smaller the point becomes.  Particles have intrinsic velocity, which is simply a time vector, that works exactly the same way on the points they occupy.  This is why gravity doesn't care about the mass of a particle, and affects all particles equally.  It isn't working on the mass - it's one time vector adding to another time vector, and producing a resultant unified vector.  Gravity decreases the size of a point by adding energy to it.  Velocity decreases the size of a point by adding energy to it.  This is why both forces (yes, I know, imprecise wording) dilate time ad space.

Spacetime generally acts as a liquid.  Individual points move in relation to each other, and have differing diameters in inverse relation to their energy.  (Energy is frequency, size is wavelength.  they're inverses.)  Black holes are where spacetime condenses from a liquid to a solid.  (Notionally, the inflationary period of the early universe was when spacetime acted as a gas, and at the moment of creation, spacetime was a plasma, where time and space did not exist, there being only energy.)

So, back to the gravity wave.  According to what I've read, the researchers attribute the wave (moving at the speed of light) to the impact of two black holes over a billion light-years away.  They estimate that the impact released around three sols of mass/energy.  (A sol being the mass of our sun.  Yes, I just made that up.  But you knew what I meant, didn't you?)  Where did this energy come from, and where did it go?  The articles I read claimed that the energy was released directly as gravity, causing the wave.  To which I snort, and reply 'Bupkis!'

The energy was released as decondensing spacetime.  A lot of it.  Which immediately shoved the local spacetime rather violently out of its way.  Which created a rather strong wave through spacetime, propagating at the maximum possible rate, light speed.  The distant ripples of which we detected here on Earth as a quarter-second long series of stretches and contractions of spacetime.  Which means that spacetime is fluid, and if it is fluid, that means that at a sufficiently small scale it is granular and mobile.  And if it is granular and mobile, that means that spacetime is a thing in and of itself.  (If you can deform something, there must be something there to deform, nicht war?)  QED

So, to summarize this and previous posts -
Mass (energy) creates a gravitic field.  This field propagates infinitely quickly.

Gravity is directional time.  The gravitic field strength at any point of spacetime creates a time vector at that point.  The vector point in the direction of higher field strength, with a length proportional to the local strength of the gravitic field.

Velocity is directional time.  Each particle has a velocity vector, which adds itself to the local point of spacetime to determine its energy, which influences its size.  This velocity vector is, in turn, modified by the point's gravity vector to produce a resultant vector by simple summation, with an upper limit on velocity defined by the speed of light.

Any left over energy beyond the light speed limit on a particle adds to the particle's energy in other ways - particularly its spin or frequency.  There doesn't seem to be any speed limit to a particle's spin rate, as it's not actually going anywhere.

The relationship between time vectors and perceived time, which is to say the size of a point of spacetime, is defined by the simple equation:  velocity squared plus size squared equals the speed of light squared.

The size of a point determines the distance to the next point of spacetime.  The greater the distance, the larger space is, and the faster time flows.  The less the distance, the more space and time contract. 

Particles translate from one point to the next by filling the energy requirement with their time vectors (velocity).  The higher the velocity, the more quickly they reach the necessary energy threshold to leave one point and translate to the next.  This energy requirement is defined as C, the speed of light.  Thus, nothing can move faster than one unit of space per one unit of time.

Points of spacetime are mobile.  They have to be, because they shrink and grow based on their energy levels (which is defined by time vectors, plus a baseline energy level that seems to require a universal constant).  These points of spacetime interact as a fluid, with larger points pushing against their neighbors more strongly.  The odd property of spacetime is that it reacts in a negative way to energy - the more energy a point has, the smaller it becomes.  This is because of its fundamental wave nature - higher energy equals smaller wavelength.

The event horizon of a black hole is the point at which liquid spacetime condenses into a solid.  We have no experimental data with which to extrapolate the laws of physics from a liquid spacetyime into a solid, so the laws of physics generally break down it this point due to a lack of knowledge.  However, since the Pythagorean-like relationship between time energy and the size of space still holds, the interior of a black hole is the domain of complex (imaginary) spacetime.  The higher the mass of a black hole, the higher its gravity, the larger the i-component spacetime gets.  Thus, a black hole can easily be larger on the inside than it is on the outside, albeit along the imaginary axis of the complex scale.

Things I don't know -

What is the method whereby mass influences the gravitic field?  The Higgs particle and field seems to be the best, or at least most popular, answer we currently have.  I have no evidence whatsoever, but my intuition is that particle spin creates gravity.  And yes, the gravitic field is not limited to the speed of light.  Nothing actually moves, after all.

What is the baseline energy of a point of spacetime in the absence of gravity and particles?  Does this energy level remain constant over time?  What determines this baseline energy?

If the universe is expanding, is it because the points of spacetime are still moving away from each other, or is more spacetime being added at the edges?  The continual creation of new points implies that the total energy level of the universe is not fixed.  Points moving away from each other implies that they are getting larger, which means that their energy levels are dropping, which means that the total energy level of the universe is not fixed (and that a universal constant is constantly changing).  Not to mention that the fundamental constant would be changing everywhere at the same rate, which requires some method of faster-than-light information flow.  Which requires some new, arbitrary field just for this purpose.  Unless the gravitic field itself doesn't have a baseline strength of zero in the absence of all mass.  You know, that just might work.  The gravititc field could have a total baseline strength, and this strength at any given point would decrease over time as the universe increases in size, spreading the energy more thinly over a larger area.  But what would cause the field to increase in size?  Especially as changes in gravity travel infinitely quickly across the field, while the field itself appears to be expanding at the speed of light.  Or maybe it's something completely different.

Does anybody ever actually read any of this?  I feel that this is an important simplification of previously complex concepts, and I'm trying to put the ideas out in the most clear manner I can.  Which, admittedly, probably isn't all that clear.  I guess the problem is that I'm not a physicist, and I do this on my own.  I'm not at any college or university, and I don't really know any professional physicists.  Could one of the half dozen or so people who eventually reads my posts please pass these ideas on the a real physicist, so I could maybe get some feedback?  I haven't had a single comment yet.  I know it's not everybody's thing, but I can dream that I'm right, and that maybe these ideas will someday help someone understand what seems at first to be a complicated subject.

A good introductory book I can recommend is "How to Teach Relativity to You Dog", by Chad Orzel.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Happy New Year!  

I had this thought the other day.  How does gravity influence spacetime?  Gravity seems to be essentially analog, while spacetime seems to act as if it is digital.  Then it hit me - gravity acts like an AM signal, which is rectified into FM spacetime.

The gravitic field varies continuously.  It may be digital at a fine enough scale, but that matters very little for the purposes of the present discussion.  What matters most is that gravity is expressed at every point as an amplitude.  (There is also a directional component, but I'm ignoring that for now - it isn't relevant to the current topic.)

Spacetime varies in density, as if it were composed of spheres - or a frequency modulated signal, where each null (the center line between peaks and troughs) is a different point.  If you think of spacetime as a field of waves, the frequency (inverse wavelength) corresponds to the density.

Gravity obviously affects spacetime - the higher the gravity, the more dense the spacetime.  How is this accomplished?  Gravity can be considered a form of energy.  The higher the gravity, the more energy any given point of spacetime has to have.  How does this happen?  By increasing the local energy, spacetime reacts by incresing frequency.  This shortens the wavelength, and forces individual points closer together - increasing the density of spacetime.

To summarize, the AM gravity signal is expressed as an FM signal in spacetime.

Which again raises the more fundamental question - what is the resting wavelength (frequency) of spacetime?  Why is it that?  It is obviously not 0 or 1, as the first increase in energy doesn't dramatically increase the density at that point.  So it must be some relatively large number.  But what is that number?  And why is it that?  What does it consist of?

This vacuum energy must exist.  All behavior seems to depend upon it.  If it is constant with time, then it means that the energy of the universe is not constant - as the universe grows, the amount of energy contained in it must grow in proportion.  If it is even meaningful to talk about the expansion of the universe.

What does an expanding universe mean?  If we speak only of matter, then it does seem to be expanding.  If we speak of the furthest extent of the first photons, that is very similar, albeit a somewhat larger sphere.  But gravity is essentially infinitely fast.  (It is most certainly faster than light.)  There is no gravitic expansion of the universe, because the gravity is already there.