Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Speaking of pigs ...

From the comments on Mad Genius Club yesterday.

 A couple friends of mine drove up into the mountains of southern Arizona one fine Saturday morning, to see what they could see. A couple of miles after the trail they were following petered out, they saw a lone javelina in front of a line of brush. One friend got out of the truck with his camera to get a closer picture of the creature, when it scrambled back into the brush. He was about to follow it into the brush when the other stopped him, and told him to get back into the truck. They waited about five minutes, and the little porker came back out.

They both took a couple of pictures from inside the truck, then friend number one got out of the truck again. Once again, the javelina ambled back into the brush. This time, both men had the sense to not follow it. Instead, they went carefully and quietly around the brush line.

Once they got around one end of the brush line (it was about 50 yards across, 5 yards deep, and roughly ‘U’ shaped), they stopped and stared. There were at least thirty javalina there, quietly watching the front of the brush line, where the men would have come out had they followed the smaller pig. After a minute, a couple of the larger ones prodded the photogenic little javelina back into the brush, to go try to lure lunch back to them again.

My friends quietly returned to the truck, turned around, and never went out on foot that far into the mountains again.

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