Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Gutless lying weasels

I like physics, as you may have noticed.  I watch several different U-tub channels, one of which is MinutePhysics.  Today, they released a new video - "Are university admissions biased?  Simpson's paradox part 2."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_ME4P9fQbo

The comments on this video are closed.  I wonder why?  All their other videos seem to allow comments.

Could it be that this is a political video, where the conclusions drawn directly refute the evidence shown?  The statistical evidence shows that there is no bias against women in university admissions, and in fact a slight bias towards.  This doesn't mean there is no biad against women, according to the video.  Oh, no, that would be too simple.  It simply means that the bias arises earlier in the educational process, perhaps even in grammar school, or even in society itself.

The video then proceeds to tirelessly repeat known lies about women getting paid less than men for equivalent jobs (hint - untrue), etc, etc, ad nauseum ad feministum.

Facts presented - no bias/slight bias in favor of women.  Conclusion - bias against women!  Patriarchy!  Are we clear?  The producers of Minute Physics are thus shown to be gutless lying weasels.  I can no longer trust the informational content of their videos, as they have proven themselves to place ham handed politics above sound mathematics and science.

Please note that the video makers had to go all the way back to the 1970s to find statistics close enough to even to even make this topic mildly interesting.  A study done in Berkeley, of course.  For those not keeping track, universities today run about 2 to 1 against men.  Good for dating, bad for education.

Feminism is cancer.  Progressivism is cancer.  Leftism is cancer.  They are fatal to society and individuals.  We understand the vector, we can test for the carriers with great certitude.  Why do we not rid ourselves of these plagues?  At the very least, all children must be thoroughly inocculated against these dreadful maladies, these truly social diseases.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A response to Mr. Wright

Penned in response to the inestimable John Wright's prose concerning the proper targets of a modern crusade.  http://www.scifiwright.com/2017/10/last-crusade-fighting-the-wrong-battle/

The Alt-Right may not be fighting the perfect battle against our enemies on the left with perfect weapons and perfect doctrine and perfect discipline, but they have the supreme virtue of being THE ONLY ONES FIGHTING FOR OUR SIDE at this time.


You are correct and well spoken as ever, o gracious host. However, the prescription is incapable of working to cure the patient of the disease. You see, the medicine, once so effective against this vile malaise, is no longer effective. It has been tainted at the factory, or font if you will, to be nothing but sugar water. Powerful, robust Christianity has been replaced, and not by mere happenstance, with mere churchianity. The pure quill of the Christian faith, once a mighty bonfire that both illuminated the mind and warmed the soul, is now mere flickering embers. The dragons of darkness have, through trickery and deceit, clothed themselves in the robes of deacons and replaced the wood and coal once provided by the holy church with sod and dung. The faith is preached and taught by the enemies of the true faith. This is why the churches lie vacant every Sunday. The priests and preachers are hollow men, and increasing women and womanly men, who preach pleasing lies and platitudes instead of visions of fire and brimstone. The words of our Lord and Savior are nourishing to the soul and refreshing to the spirit, but require men to chew, whereas the pablum of the churchians can be swallowed by infantilized men. Men cannot hear the word of the Lord our God when it remains unspoken at the pulpit and in the chapel.

Just as the first crusade was fought against heretics within the church, so must this modern crusade drive out the heretics, Satan worshipers, Baal worshipers, false preachers, homosexuals, thieves, and money lenders. The church must first be cleansed of evil, so that the good word of the Lord may once again be spoken and heard.

A church I visited recently in a nearby village, which was open solely for the purpose of selling food for Oktoberfest, had a portrait of Jesus Christ prominently displayed on the left side wall of the chapel. The portrait was draped by two large flags - the rainbow flag of the sodomites, and the similar flag of the insane men who would be women and women who would be men. The American flag, and the flag of Christendom, were notable by their absence. The largest and grandest church in my town flies the rainbow flag of the sodomites, and has a rather large sign outside proclaiming that Jesus says to love thy neighbor - athiests, heathens, sodomites, satanist, the insane, alien invaders, and barbarians, we are to love them all, as all men our our neighbors.

Satan walks the land, and has made a home and fortress of our former places of worship. We must drive him out and cleanse the temples of his filth. Until we do so, we speak in whispers, while the enemy shouts from the pulpits and the rooftops.

And please don't try to say that the Catholic Church is immune to the rot. They rotted from the inside long ago, with the heresy of abandoning 1 Timothy. That decision directly, inexorably led to pedophilic priests being trained in divinity colleges staffed with faithless sodomites, where the rare faithful, normal, healthy man is actively shunned. The enemies of all that is good and holy targeted their efforts well, infiltrating and dominating the institutions of learning, both secular and holy, especially places where future teachers were taught. No institution has escaped their unholy gaze. We must start anew, saving the old where we may by judicious yet ruthless pruning, razing and replanting where we must.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A letter the the RNC

To: The Republican National Committee                                                     
From:  McChuck, registered Republican, Maryland 6th district
Re:  Trump Agenda Survey

I am in receipt of an RNC survey, allegedly requesting support for President Donald Trump.  I find the survey to be written in a fashion which appeals to the “Trump base” in an obvious fashion.  I also see that the request for money for the RNC is unusually condescending, equating money to the RNC with supporting the President and his agenda.

Please tell me why I should give one thin dime to the RNC, which has done nothing but oppose the President and his “Make America Great Again” agenda?  Why do you hate the American people so much?  Republicans in both houses of Congress routinely oppose and deride the President’s initiatives.  I will summarize the issues presented in the survey as examples.

·         “Build a border wall and stop illegal immigration” – Republicans in Congress have specifically forbidden the President from spending federal funds to build a border wall.  Republicans in Congress oppose ending illegal benefits for so-called “Dreamers”, who are in reality illegal aliens who entered the USA before they turned 18.  Many of these came in two waves of teenaged young men, who have since gone on to commit an impressive number of crimes against Americans.  I will give you one simple example. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/08/01/15-year-old-hispanic-rapes-and-murders-8-year-old-white-girl-wanted-to-know-how-people-would-react/  Republicans won’t fix this problem, because they are more concerned with not being called racists than they are about protecting little American girls from being raped, killed, and tossed in a dumpster by illegal alien invaders.

·         “Reverse President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders” – Almost every time President Trump has done exactly this, he has been roundly criticized by Republicans in Congress and the Republican establishment – the RNC itself.  They have even disagreed with President Trump’s wildly applauded pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-30/christie-is-latest-republican-to-criticize-trump-s-arpaio-pardon

·         “Fully enforce our immigration laws and withhold federal funding from ‘sanctuary cities’ who harbor illegal immigrants in violation of federal law” – Why is “Kate’s Law” (HR 3004) languishing in the Senate?  This could be passed in a day if the Republicans in congress truly felt that stopping illegal aliens from murdering and raping American citizens, even little girls, was of any importance.  The truth is that the RNC has no interest in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, so that their wealthy donors may continue to employee cheap labor and so that the American people will be displaced by Hispanic immigrants who prefer large, intrusive governments – just like the RNC prefers.  Again, why does the RNC hate the American people so much?

·         “Repeal and replace ObamaCare” – Do I really have to say anything?  This, again, could be accomplished in a single day.  The Republican dominated House and Senate should have met in an historic joint session in January to vote on repealing ObamaCare.  If Congress can muster the will to pass an unconstitutional ban on firearms accessories, why can’t the RNC muster the will to at least defund ObamaCare?

·         “Re-equip and rebuild our military” – The Republicans voted to reduce military spending, which directly led to the current problems.  The Republicans could have fixed the funding shortfalls at any time.  They didn’t – which shows that they truly don’t care.

·         “Reduce federal regulation and cut corporate tax rates to get the economy going” – again, the Republican dominated Congress could have done this at any point in the last several years.  They didn’t because they don’t want to.  The Democrats constantly push their opinions through the media – news, radio, television, and movies.  Where is the equivalent Republican push to dominate media?  Until the Republicans (especially the Conservatives) start to buy or found media outlets to push a pro-America agenda, I cannot take the RNC seriously.  What does the RNC do with all the money it’s given now?  More to the point – defund the National Endowment for the Arts tomorrow.  Defund the National Science Foundation tomorrow.  Defund the Department of Education tomorrow.  Defund the Department of Energy (minus the NRC) tomorrow.  Gut the Department of State, which has been primarily staffed by the enemies of the American people for at least 70 years.

·         “Encourage domestic exploration and production of domestic energy sources” – Again, coulda, woulda, shoulda.    Why did the approval process for a simple pipeline take a decade to be approved?  All the RNC needs to do to accomplish this is convince the Republican dominated congress to order the EPA to stop interfering.  But it won’t because the Republicans are terrified of being called names by the media.

·         “Renegotiate trade deals to put American jobs and interests first” – Congress can repeal NAFTA tomorrow.  They won’t, because their donors pay them not to.  How about Republicans stop opposing President Trump’s cancelling of the former President Obama’s illegal “totally not a treaty” Iran deal?  After all, Iran only wants to exterminate us in nuclear fire.  http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/03/trump-iran-nuclear-deal-republicans-243375  When ships in harbors all around America’s coastline explode in a nuclear holocaust one day in the not too distant future, I won’t blame the Democrats.  They are blatant in their goals of destroying America.  The RNC chooses to achieve the same ultimate goal by tacitly supporting Democrat initiatives after the fact.

·         “Shrink the size of the federal bureaucracy to make it more accountable and efficient” – Name one serious effort by the RNC and Congressional Republicans to do just this over the last fifteen years.  Start with Congress outlawing government employee unions.  Continue with a law twilighting all old regulations, and requiring a positive vote by Congress on all new regulations.

·         “Tax reform to simplify the income tax system, making it flatter and more fair” – Repeal the 16th amendment.  Implement the “Fair Tax”, capped at a rate of no more than 25%.  Pass S 18.  http://fairtax.org/active-legislation/s-18-fair-tax-act-of-2017

Again, I cannot and will not support the RNC with either my time or money, and I actively discourage other Republicans from doing the same.  If we Americans want to restore greatness to our country, we must first defeat the Republican establishment, as the nascent Republican party destroyed the Whigs, who also opposed the will of the people.  Then, and only then, can we unite to defeat the vile Democrats and the hatered of America and the American people.  Until then, I will continue to support my local Republican and Conservative politicians, but I refuse to give any money to the RNC.  Remember, the party wins through votes of the people, not the money of the backers.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I got yer "Second Amendment" right here

The unabridged right of free citizens to keep and bear arms and ancillary equipment when and wheresoever they may choose shall not be infringed by any legislative, administrative, or judicial act by any government official or functionary at any level of government. The sole exceptions to this absolute right may be inside clearly labeled areas of prisons and jails, and inside court rooms in active use, where the administrators may require free citizens to surrender their arms upon entry, to be promptly returned upon exit. The penalty for attempted or completed violations of this right shall be death by firing squad.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vote differently

Our current method of voting, in a winner takes all, or "first past the post" system guarantees two party rule, absurd gerrymandering, and rampant corruption and gaming of the voting process.  There simply has to be a better way.

There is.  Or, rather, there are numerous different, objectively better ways to vote for our leaders.  All we have to do is get rid of the notion of voting for a particular candidate to represent you and your town in the national government.  Things simply don't work out that way in the real world.  Politicians don't represent their electorate - they represent whoever it is that they think got them elected - the donors and party organizers.  Then, there is the problem of the lack of term limits and the machinations of career politicians.  Johnny McRino, I'm looking at you, you two faced swine.

I propose that we alter the House of Representatives in the following manner.  Let me know what you think.


1.  Each State shall have a number of junior representatives equal to the number of lawful permanent residents of that State in millions, with a fractional population of 500,000 or more counting as one whole million, with a minimum of one representative per State, regardless of population.

2.  Each State shall, not less than three months nor more than six months before the general election, hold party primary elections for every political party registered in that State.  A party shall be registered if, by no later than nine months before the general election, the party delivers to the State legislature (or its designated representative) petitions containing the valid signatures of no less than one half of one percent of the lawfully registered voters of that State.

3.  Each party primary shall contain a list of at names of potential representatives, not less in number than the total number of representatives to which that State is entitled.  No sitting representative may appear on this list.  During the primary election, each party's registered voters shall select the order by which these prospective representatives shall appear on a list in the general election.

4.  During the general election, each State's lawfully registered voters shall select a single political party.  Upon tallying the lawful votes, each party shall be granted a whole number of representatives from that State in accordance to the percentage of total votes received.  This number shall then be used to select the representatives from the list of candidates which were selected during the primary process, as listed on the general ballot, starting from number one.  Those selected shall serve as that State's junior representatives in the next Congress.

5.  During the general election, a senior representative shall also be elected for each State.  The list of candidates shall consist of the currently serving junior representatives.  Each lawful voter shall make one vote for their preferred candidate from this list.  The candidate who receives the most lawful votes shall be that State's senior representative in the next Congress.


I also propose increasing the number of senators from each State to three, because the current lack of symmetry offends me.  Also, the senate needs more people to argue with each other and sit on committees.  And senators shall be chosen by the legislature of their State, and may be impeached and removed by a two-thirds vote of that legislature.  No person may be elected to the senate more than twice.

Each senator and representative must be a lawfully registered voter in that State, having been a resident of that State for at least ten years prior to election.  Representatives must be at least thirty years old at the time of election, and senators at least forty.  Senators and representatives must be free citizens of good moral standing who permanently reside in their home State (which should be the standard for registered voters).

I toy with the idea of having an additional representative or senator chosen by lottery from among the lawfully registered voters of each State, to serve in each two year Congress.  I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards including them in the senate, to keep an eye on the career politicians and provide more warm bodies for committees.  After all, can a randomly chosen free citizen possibly be worse than the despicable lot we endure now?

How, then, to elect a president?  National popular vote is an option, but this sways the election to the largest cities, ignoring the will of the people in enormous swaths of the country.  We could have a proportional vote with multiple candidates from each party, with the winning person getting the presidency, the first runner-up being the president of the Senate, the second runner up being the speaker of the House, the third would become secretary of State, and the fourth runner up would become the secretary of War.  In this case of five total winners, each voter could have two or at most three total votes to distribute.  This would help ensure than minority voters would still obtain representation among the most powerful positions in the nation.  Ir would also help ensure that the people in the most powerful positions come from different parties, ensuring partisan bickering and gridlock.  This would be a feature, not a bug.


While we're on the topic, let's discuss the Supreme Court.  It obviously needs to be changed.  Right now, it acts with impunity as the senior actor of the government, overriding the will of the people, the executive branch, and even the plain written words of the law and the constitution itself to suit its members' whims.

I propose that the Supreme Court shall consist of fifteen jurors, each to serve a single fifteen year term in rotation.  A new juror shall be selected by a majority vote of the Senate in the month of June of each year.  If the Senate fails to select a juror, the House shall select one in the month of July by majority vote.  If the House also fails to select a juror, the President shall appoint one in the month of August.

Jurors may be impeached and removed by a two-thirds vote of either the House or the Senate.  In such an event, a replacement juror shall be selected to serve the remainder of the term by majority vote of the Senate in the following calendar month.  If the senate fails to select a juror, the House shall select one by majority vote the following month.  Should the House also fail to select a juror, the president shall appoint one in the next following calendar month.

Any ruling of the Supreme Court may be overturned by a three fifths vote of either the House or the Senate.

The Supreme Court shall make no ruling in opposition to the plain language of the constitution.  If, in joint session, a two-thirds vote of Congress agrees that the Supreme Court has violated the constitution in a particular ruling, those members of the Court which approved that ruling shall be immediately arrested and removed from the Court, and each member shall then be executed by their own choice of hanging or firing squad within thirty days, sentence to be carried out by the secretary of State in front of witnesses in the national capital region.  Their replacements shall be selected as set forth above.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Support Alt-Hero, make a liberal's head explode

Support the Alt-Hero project.  It's a series of comic books specifically designed to entertain while pissing off liberals, progressives, and anybody who supports the EU and globalization.


They only need a couple hundred more backers to qualify for volumes 7, 8, and 9.  What are you waiting for?  Get over there and throw them a few bucks.  Liberals aren't afraid to back every silly cause - at least this one produces something with actual value!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The equality fallacy

All men are created equal.  And then they are born.

All men may be equal in the eyes of the Lord, but that does not make all men identical.  Men are no more equal in moral worth than they are equal in intelligence or height.  Some men are saints, some "need killing", most lie in the vast gulf between these two extremes.

Equality has no fixed meaning when used in reference to humans.  Equality before the law is only a concept in America, and it is indifferently enforced even here in these United States.  For reference, see the continued freedom of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, known liars, cheats, and suspected mass murderers.  (The Clintons can probably be tied to more suspicious deaths than Tony Soprano.  How do you think 'Arkancide' came to be a term?)

Equality of outcomes is a particularly communist/socialist concept.  According to this thought, every person is exactly identical to every other person, and if there are differences among and between people, this must be the result of hostile forces.  You can see the results of this in the pages of history, and in the piles of skulls and mass graves every where communism has been implemented.  You can translate modern "progressive" writings and speeches as translations from old communist writings.  They simply replace "proletariat" with "oppressed" or "minority", "capitalism" with "patriarchy" or "privilege", and "bourgeoisie" with "white cis hetero Christian man".

Equality of all humans everywhere is also a particularly specious concept of modern, progressive-taught thought.  The existence of different races of men is as obvious as the existence of different breeds of dogs.  This does not make different dogs not be dogs, any more than it makes different races of men not be men.  It simply makes them different.  Just as different breeds of dogs have inherent physical and behavioral traits (bred into them over many generations), so do different races of men exhibit different physical and behavioral traits.  The simple fact makes liberal/progressive heads explode with (un)-righteous anger and indignation.

Most of the problems in current-year America are caused by the hostile actions of communists and their 'useful idiot' allies, the liberal-progressives.  The Soviet Union could not attack America physically, so they spent years debating a careful strategy of attacking America spiritually.  If America were strong because of its culture of freedom, then the way to attack America was through its culture.  They  have used the culture of individual rights and freedoms to attack the very idea of individual rights and freedoms.  In the name of making all men equal, the first separate all men into groups, all members of which are to be equal and identical.  This is why they screech like harpies whenever a man dares to act or speak differently from the role scripted for his particular group or sub-group.

This fascination with 'equality' meaning 'identicality' has destroyed American culture through the hammers of 'racism' and 'sexism'  It is obvious to any observer that blacks and whites have noticeably different cultures in these United States.  If you deny this, then ask yourself why you can identify the race of a telephone caller with 90% accuracy?  Black culture is obviously unequal to white culture in America.  Blacks excel in sports and do very well in music (leaving my distaste for rap so-called music, it does seem to be popular).  However, they are by every measure, compared to whites, dumb, violent, and criminal.  Progressives decry the disproportional arrest and incarceration of black men, as if it had nothing to do with the actions of those black men.  True fact - cops are more likely to shoot a white offender than a black offender.  The problem lies in that there are so very many black offenders, and they are so disproportionately likely to violently resist arrest.  Especially now that the liberal/progressive media and democrat party (but I repeat myself) have spent years telling blacks that police are inherently racist and just want to kill black men.

Blacks are less intelligent than whites - the racial gap in performance in schools has never declined, no matter how much money has been spent attempting to educate blacks and whites together.  The loss of Christian morality and discipline in the schools has also been counterproductive.  Education is impossible without discipline, and the first and ever-present topic of education should be self discipline.  Go to any school with more than a token number of black children, and you will see them disrupting classrooms with poor behavior, and holding back education with lack of intellect.  Separate but equal education was inherently more equal than the current mess, and observably had much better results for both blacks and whites.

Boys and girls are different.  This is obvious from birth.  I can speak authoritatively on this subject, having raised one of each of my own.  Feminism is the strange proposition that girls are the equal of boys, that boys and girls are in fact identical, and that girls need special privileges to keep up with boys, that boys are defective girls, and that all girls should act like boys and all boys should act like girls.  I love my children equally, as any father should.  I don't pretend that they are identical, physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Feminists adore gays, because gay boys and girls exhibit traits contrary to their sex.  They adore so-called transgenders, because their insanity knows no bounds in attempting to emulate the opposite sex.  The progressive lunacy of idolizing gays and other, even more mentally unbalanced people has grown to the point where it is affecting the mental health and physical well being of numerous, easily influenced teens.  "Sudden onset gender dysphoria" did not exist before ten years ago, and now it is spreading like accusations of witchcraft in Salem, and for many of the same reasons.  Congratulations, feminists, you have succeeded in driving thousands of boys and girls insane, set back relations between the sexes to what you imagined the Victorian era to have been like, and caused birth rates to drop below replacement levels in every Western country.  Feminism truly is cancer.

All men are created equal, but then they are born.  Except for the majority of black children in America, which are murdered in the womb.  (Abortion is the leading cause of death of black Americans, eclipsing the next ten most common causes combined.)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Why are health care prices outrageous?

This was originally a comment at Peter Grant's blog.  Go check him out.  He's a very good writer of science fiction, western, and fantasy novels.  https://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/


Regarding health care - That which can not continue indefinitely, must eventually stop. The predicted stop date is between 2032 and 2034. By that time, social security expenses will occupy 100% of the federal budget. Medicare/aid expenses will occupy 100% of the federal budget. Debt payments will occupy 100% of the federal budget.

That's a lot of 100 percents there.

Health care expenses are driven by various factors - the relative paucity of trained doctors, ridiculous regulations (did you know that medicare forced over half of all hospitals in America to close?), ridiculous lawsuit, and the corrupt death spiral of the insurance industry.

I'm not an opponent of insurance. I think it's pure, free market capitalism. What I'm upset about is the rampant corruption that the health insurance industry, and this most definitely includes medicare/aid, forces on the health providers. Over half of all medical spending is simply insurance processing/compliance. Prices are artificially inflated (massively, in some cases) so that insurance companies (remember, this includes the government) can show that they negotiated huge price concessions.

Large hospitals, pharma companies, etc. can afford the kickbacks and bribery to play the game and win. The traditional neighborhood practice can not - that's why so many of them have closed. Doctors don't have individual practices now - they've organised to share administrative expenses. There is a reason why you can't get an estimate of how much a procedure will cost - the doctors simply don't know, because so much billing is tied up in red tape corruption. They doctors don't generally like this, but it is how the game is played, if they want to survive.

This is one of the reasons that America isn't training more doctors now than we were in the 1960's. Another is the AMA, which like all unions wants to keep the supply of skilled labor low so that wages can be kept high. Did you know that the US has added exactly one new medical school in the last 50 years?

With all the expenses that doctors have, which includes student loans, general practitioners simply don't make enough money. Most of them would be better off as plumbers. "Rich doctor" is a myth these days, unless you're an in-demand specialist or practicing in Beverly Hills.

So many problems, no simple solutions. Everything goes to hell in a hand basket within the next 15 years or so, and we can not count on the current quality of politicians to do a single blessed thing about it until it is far too late to make any positive difference. We can assuredly count on our "friends" on the left to make everything worse, though.