Saturday, October 7, 2017

The equality fallacy

All men are created equal.  And then they are born.

All men may be equal in the eyes of the Lord, but that does not make all men identical.  Men are no more equal in moral worth than they are equal in intelligence or height.  Some men are saints, some "need killing", most lie in the vast gulf between these two extremes.

Equality has no fixed meaning when used in reference to humans.  Equality before the law is only a concept in America, and it is indifferently enforced even here in these United States.  For reference, see the continued freedom of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, known liars, cheats, and suspected mass murderers.  (The Clintons can probably be tied to more suspicious deaths than Tony Soprano.  How do you think 'Arkancide' came to be a term?)

Equality of outcomes is a particularly communist/socialist concept.  According to this thought, every person is exactly identical to every other person, and if there are differences among and between people, this must be the result of hostile forces.  You can see the results of this in the pages of history, and in the piles of skulls and mass graves every where communism has been implemented.  You can translate modern "progressive" writings and speeches as translations from old communist writings.  They simply replace "proletariat" with "oppressed" or "minority", "capitalism" with "patriarchy" or "privilege", and "bourgeoisie" with "white cis hetero Christian man".

Equality of all humans everywhere is also a particularly specious concept of modern, progressive-taught thought.  The existence of different races of men is as obvious as the existence of different breeds of dogs.  This does not make different dogs not be dogs, any more than it makes different races of men not be men.  It simply makes them different.  Just as different breeds of dogs have inherent physical and behavioral traits (bred into them over many generations), so do different races of men exhibit different physical and behavioral traits.  The simple fact makes liberal/progressive heads explode with (un)-righteous anger and indignation.

Most of the problems in current-year America are caused by the hostile actions of communists and their 'useful idiot' allies, the liberal-progressives.  The Soviet Union could not attack America physically, so they spent years debating a careful strategy of attacking America spiritually.  If America were strong because of its culture of freedom, then the way to attack America was through its culture.  They  have used the culture of individual rights and freedoms to attack the very idea of individual rights and freedoms.  In the name of making all men equal, the first separate all men into groups, all members of which are to be equal and identical.  This is why they screech like harpies whenever a man dares to act or speak differently from the role scripted for his particular group or sub-group.

This fascination with 'equality' meaning 'identicality' has destroyed American culture through the hammers of 'racism' and 'sexism'  It is obvious to any observer that blacks and whites have noticeably different cultures in these United States.  If you deny this, then ask yourself why you can identify the race of a telephone caller with 90% accuracy?  Black culture is obviously unequal to white culture in America.  Blacks excel in sports and do very well in music (leaving my distaste for rap so-called music, it does seem to be popular).  However, they are by every measure, compared to whites, dumb, violent, and criminal.  Progressives decry the disproportional arrest and incarceration of black men, as if it had nothing to do with the actions of those black men.  True fact - cops are more likely to shoot a white offender than a black offender.  The problem lies in that there are so very many black offenders, and they are so disproportionately likely to violently resist arrest.  Especially now that the liberal/progressive media and democrat party (but I repeat myself) have spent years telling blacks that police are inherently racist and just want to kill black men.

Blacks are less intelligent than whites - the racial gap in performance in schools has never declined, no matter how much money has been spent attempting to educate blacks and whites together.  The loss of Christian morality and discipline in the schools has also been counterproductive.  Education is impossible without discipline, and the first and ever-present topic of education should be self discipline.  Go to any school with more than a token number of black children, and you will see them disrupting classrooms with poor behavior, and holding back education with lack of intellect.  Separate but equal education was inherently more equal than the current mess, and observably had much better results for both blacks and whites.

Boys and girls are different.  This is obvious from birth.  I can speak authoritatively on this subject, having raised one of each of my own.  Feminism is the strange proposition that girls are the equal of boys, that boys and girls are in fact identical, and that girls need special privileges to keep up with boys, that boys are defective girls, and that all girls should act like boys and all boys should act like girls.  I love my children equally, as any father should.  I don't pretend that they are identical, physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Feminists adore gays, because gay boys and girls exhibit traits contrary to their sex.  They adore so-called transgenders, because their insanity knows no bounds in attempting to emulate the opposite sex.  The progressive lunacy of idolizing gays and other, even more mentally unbalanced people has grown to the point where it is affecting the mental health and physical well being of numerous, easily influenced teens.  "Sudden onset gender dysphoria" did not exist before ten years ago, and now it is spreading like accusations of witchcraft in Salem, and for many of the same reasons.  Congratulations, feminists, you have succeeded in driving thousands of boys and girls insane, set back relations between the sexes to what you imagined the Victorian era to have been like, and caused birth rates to drop below replacement levels in every Western country.  Feminism truly is cancer.

All men are created equal, but then they are born.  Except for the majority of black children in America, which are murdered in the womb.  (Abortion is the leading cause of death of black Americans, eclipsing the next ten most common causes combined.)

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