Saturday, October 14, 2017

A letter the the RNC

To: The Republican National Committee                                                     
From:  McChuck, registered Republican, Maryland 6th district
Re:  Trump Agenda Survey

I am in receipt of an RNC survey, allegedly requesting support for President Donald Trump.  I find the survey to be written in a fashion which appeals to the “Trump base” in an obvious fashion.  I also see that the request for money for the RNC is unusually condescending, equating money to the RNC with supporting the President and his agenda.

Please tell me why I should give one thin dime to the RNC, which has done nothing but oppose the President and his “Make America Great Again” agenda?  Why do you hate the American people so much?  Republicans in both houses of Congress routinely oppose and deride the President’s initiatives.  I will summarize the issues presented in the survey as examples.

·         “Build a border wall and stop illegal immigration” – Republicans in Congress have specifically forbidden the President from spending federal funds to build a border wall.  Republicans in Congress oppose ending illegal benefits for so-called “Dreamers”, who are in reality illegal aliens who entered the USA before they turned 18.  Many of these came in two waves of teenaged young men, who have since gone on to commit an impressive number of crimes against Americans.  I will give you one simple example.  Republicans won’t fix this problem, because they are more concerned with not being called racists than they are about protecting little American girls from being raped, killed, and tossed in a dumpster by illegal alien invaders.

·         “Reverse President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders” – Almost every time President Trump has done exactly this, he has been roundly criticized by Republicans in Congress and the Republican establishment – the RNC itself.  They have even disagreed with President Trump’s wildly applauded pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

·         “Fully enforce our immigration laws and withhold federal funding from ‘sanctuary cities’ who harbor illegal immigrants in violation of federal law” – Why is “Kate’s Law” (HR 3004) languishing in the Senate?  This could be passed in a day if the Republicans in congress truly felt that stopping illegal aliens from murdering and raping American citizens, even little girls, was of any importance.  The truth is that the RNC has no interest in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, so that their wealthy donors may continue to employee cheap labor and so that the American people will be displaced by Hispanic immigrants who prefer large, intrusive governments – just like the RNC prefers.  Again, why does the RNC hate the American people so much?

·         “Repeal and replace ObamaCare” – Do I really have to say anything?  This, again, could be accomplished in a single day.  The Republican dominated House and Senate should have met in an historic joint session in January to vote on repealing ObamaCare.  If Congress can muster the will to pass an unconstitutional ban on firearms accessories, why can’t the RNC muster the will to at least defund ObamaCare?

·         “Re-equip and rebuild our military” – The Republicans voted to reduce military spending, which directly led to the current problems.  The Republicans could have fixed the funding shortfalls at any time.  They didn’t – which shows that they truly don’t care.

·         “Reduce federal regulation and cut corporate tax rates to get the economy going” – again, the Republican dominated Congress could have done this at any point in the last several years.  They didn’t because they don’t want to.  The Democrats constantly push their opinions through the media – news, radio, television, and movies.  Where is the equivalent Republican push to dominate media?  Until the Republicans (especially the Conservatives) start to buy or found media outlets to push a pro-America agenda, I cannot take the RNC seriously.  What does the RNC do with all the money it’s given now?  More to the point – defund the National Endowment for the Arts tomorrow.  Defund the National Science Foundation tomorrow.  Defund the Department of Education tomorrow.  Defund the Department of Energy (minus the NRC) tomorrow.  Gut the Department of State, which has been primarily staffed by the enemies of the American people for at least 70 years.

·         “Encourage domestic exploration and production of domestic energy sources” – Again, coulda, woulda, shoulda.    Why did the approval process for a simple pipeline take a decade to be approved?  All the RNC needs to do to accomplish this is convince the Republican dominated congress to order the EPA to stop interfering.  But it won’t because the Republicans are terrified of being called names by the media.

·         “Renegotiate trade deals to put American jobs and interests first” – Congress can repeal NAFTA tomorrow.  They won’t, because their donors pay them not to.  How about Republicans stop opposing President Trump’s cancelling of the former President Obama’s illegal “totally not a treaty” Iran deal?  After all, Iran only wants to exterminate us in nuclear fire.  When ships in harbors all around America’s coastline explode in a nuclear holocaust one day in the not too distant future, I won’t blame the Democrats.  They are blatant in their goals of destroying America.  The RNC chooses to achieve the same ultimate goal by tacitly supporting Democrat initiatives after the fact.

·         “Shrink the size of the federal bureaucracy to make it more accountable and efficient” – Name one serious effort by the RNC and Congressional Republicans to do just this over the last fifteen years.  Start with Congress outlawing government employee unions.  Continue with a law twilighting all old regulations, and requiring a positive vote by Congress on all new regulations.

·         “Tax reform to simplify the income tax system, making it flatter and more fair” – Repeal the 16th amendment.  Implement the “Fair Tax”, capped at a rate of no more than 25%.  Pass S 18.

Again, I cannot and will not support the RNC with either my time or money, and I actively discourage other Republicans from doing the same.  If we Americans want to restore greatness to our country, we must first defeat the Republican establishment, as the nascent Republican party destroyed the Whigs, who also opposed the will of the people.  Then, and only then, can we unite to defeat the vile Democrats and the hatered of America and the American people.  Until then, I will continue to support my local Republican and Conservative politicians, but I refuse to give any money to the RNC.  Remember, the party wins through votes of the people, not the money of the backers.

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