Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Gutless lying weasels

I like physics, as you may have noticed.  I watch several different U-tub channels, one of which is MinutePhysics.  Today, they released a new video - "Are university admissions biased?  Simpson's paradox part 2."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_ME4P9fQbo

The comments on this video are closed.  I wonder why?  All their other videos seem to allow comments.

Could it be that this is a political video, where the conclusions drawn directly refute the evidence shown?  The statistical evidence shows that there is no bias against women in university admissions, and in fact a slight bias towards.  This doesn't mean there is no biad against women, according to the video.  Oh, no, that would be too simple.  It simply means that the bias arises earlier in the educational process, perhaps even in grammar school, or even in society itself.

The video then proceeds to tirelessly repeat known lies about women getting paid less than men for equivalent jobs (hint - untrue), etc, etc, ad nauseum ad feministum.

Facts presented - no bias/slight bias in favor of women.  Conclusion - bias against women!  Patriarchy!  Are we clear?  The producers of Minute Physics are thus shown to be gutless lying weasels.  I can no longer trust the informational content of their videos, as they have proven themselves to place ham handed politics above sound mathematics and science.

Please note that the video makers had to go all the way back to the 1970s to find statistics close enough to even to even make this topic mildly interesting.  A study done in Berkeley, of course.  For those not keeping track, universities today run about 2 to 1 against men.  Good for dating, bad for education.

Feminism is cancer.  Progressivism is cancer.  Leftism is cancer.  They are fatal to society and individuals.  We understand the vector, we can test for the carriers with great certitude.  Why do we not rid ourselves of these plagues?  At the very least, all children must be thoroughly inocculated against these dreadful maladies, these truly social diseases.

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