Monday, October 16, 2017

A response to Mr. Wright

Penned in response to the inestimable John Wright's prose concerning the proper targets of a modern crusade.

The Alt-Right may not be fighting the perfect battle against our enemies on the left with perfect weapons and perfect doctrine and perfect discipline, but they have the supreme virtue of being THE ONLY ONES FIGHTING FOR OUR SIDE at this time.


You are correct and well spoken as ever, o gracious host. However, the prescription is incapable of working to cure the patient of the disease. You see, the medicine, once so effective against this vile malaise, is no longer effective. It has been tainted at the factory, or font if you will, to be nothing but sugar water. Powerful, robust Christianity has been replaced, and not by mere happenstance, with mere churchianity. The pure quill of the Christian faith, once a mighty bonfire that both illuminated the mind and warmed the soul, is now mere flickering embers. The dragons of darkness have, through trickery and deceit, clothed themselves in the robes of deacons and replaced the wood and coal once provided by the holy church with sod and dung. The faith is preached and taught by the enemies of the true faith. This is why the churches lie vacant every Sunday. The priests and preachers are hollow men, and increasing women and womanly men, who preach pleasing lies and platitudes instead of visions of fire and brimstone. The words of our Lord and Savior are nourishing to the soul and refreshing to the spirit, but require men to chew, whereas the pablum of the churchians can be swallowed by infantilized men. Men cannot hear the word of the Lord our God when it remains unspoken at the pulpit and in the chapel.

Just as the first crusade was fought against heretics within the church, so must this modern crusade drive out the heretics, Satan worshipers, Baal worshipers, false preachers, homosexuals, thieves, and money lenders. The church must first be cleansed of evil, so that the good word of the Lord may once again be spoken and heard.

A church I visited recently in a nearby village, which was open solely for the purpose of selling food for Oktoberfest, had a portrait of Jesus Christ prominently displayed on the left side wall of the chapel. The portrait was draped by two large flags - the rainbow flag of the sodomites, and the similar flag of the insane men who would be women and women who would be men. The American flag, and the flag of Christendom, were notable by their absence. The largest and grandest church in my town flies the rainbow flag of the sodomites, and has a rather large sign outside proclaiming that Jesus says to love thy neighbor - athiests, heathens, sodomites, satanist, the insane, alien invaders, and barbarians, we are to love them all, as all men our our neighbors.

Satan walks the land, and has made a home and fortress of our former places of worship. We must drive him out and cleanse the temples of his filth. Until we do so, we speak in whispers, while the enemy shouts from the pulpits and the rooftops.

And please don't try to say that the Catholic Church is immune to the rot. They rotted from the inside long ago, with the heresy of abandoning 1 Timothy. That decision directly, inexorably led to pedophilic priests being trained in divinity colleges staffed with faithless sodomites, where the rare faithful, normal, healthy man is actively shunned. The enemies of all that is good and holy targeted their efforts well, infiltrating and dominating the institutions of learning, both secular and holy, especially places where future teachers were taught. No institution has escaped their unholy gaze. We must start anew, saving the old where we may by judicious yet ruthless pruning, razing and replanting where we must.

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