Monday, June 19, 2017

Islam delenda est

Islam is at war with the entire rest of the world.  Muslims have no choice in this - their holy book, the Quran, declares it so, and mandates jihad against the unbelievers.  Remember, the Quran is the holy word of Allah himself, and is perfect and unchanging.  To a Muslim, Allah's words are not hints, they are not polite suggestions, they are commandments from their god.

If Islam is at war with us, then, to survive, we must be at war with Islam.  To ignore this existential threat is suicidal folly.

War is the ultimate act of group punishment.  Individual attitudes do not matter in war.  There are simply this group and that group, each trying to dominate, enslave, or destroy the other.  The Allies in WWII did not ask each individual German in Dresden what they thought of the Nazi party and the ongoing conflict.  We simply burned the city to the ground, killing tens of thousands of Christians in the process.  People who looked, worshipped, and thought much like you and me.  They were killed for the crime of being on the opposite side in a war.

Weapons and tactics used by our enemies and war are meet and good for us to use.  In fact, it is a practical military necessity to react to the use of a weapon with a similar weapon, lest you grant to your enemies a deadly advantage over you.

Since all Muslims, everywhere, declare their allegiance to Allah, through his holy words in the Quran, they are commanded to kill, convert, or enslave all others.  We, therefore, must kill, convert, or enslave all Muslims.  Their individual attitudes do not matter.  This is war, and we are on one side, and they are on the other.

There will only be peace between Islam and the rest of the world when there are no points of contact between Muslims and others.  Practically speaking, this means we must exterminate of quarantine them.  Killing them all is easier, and requires only a relatively short time commitment.  Quarantining them will require killing at least half of them, and a commitment from all of Christendom to maintain the quarantine, to man the walls, forever more.

Islam delenda est.