Friday, December 23, 2016

Mental Illness

So, a New York Jewish lawyer faggot verbally assaulted President elect Trump's daughter and grandchildren on a plane.

Tweeted picture from the faggot's "husband", bragging how his butt buddy was harassing a young woman and her small children because he didn't like the outcome of an election.  Oh, and the asshole did this while carrying a small child.  Who gives a child to a gay man, anyways?  Oh, wait, New York now gives gay couples preference for all adoptions.  Because we need more screwed up (and with) kids, apparently.  (Not all faggots fuck little boys, but all the men who fuck little boys are faggots.  That's how they make more faggots - teach them while they're young.)

Homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness, as it obviously is.  Faggots tend to have other mental problems.  It's one of the reasons (besides being creepy) that they were barred from military service, and prevented from holding a security clearance.  They're inherently unstable.  And given that they are such a small percentage of the population (under 2%, around 3% including bisexuals), the risks they pose is nowhere near the possible reward of the value and quality of their work.  That and the fact that normal people are creeped out by them and don't want to be near them.  Especially sleeping and showering with some skeevy creep who wants to fuck you in the ass.

I knew several gay people in the Army.  Not a single one of them was worth the powder to blow them up, as my dad would say.  They caused no end of trouble, and were terrible at their jobs.  Especially the officers - uniformly completely terrible, faggots and lesbians alike.

Progressivism/liberalism is also a kind of mental disease.  It's victims deserve treatment, because it can be cured.  When the victims of this highly destructive malady are identified, they should be immediately confined to an appropriate treatment facility for long term care.  Unfortunately, faggotry and lesbianism simply aren't treatable.

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