Thursday, April 20, 2017

In war, moderation is no virtue

We, as you may have noticed, are engaged in a cold civil war for our nation.  Not just America, but all the white peoples of the world.  There are forces among us who wish nothing less than our utter destruction and dissolution.  They do not attack us directly with swords or guns or bombs.  They can not, for militarily, we are mighty.  Instead, they attack us through our weak points - our culture of inclusivity and acceptance.

The culture wars have reached a boiling point, and the cold war is warming up.  There have been fights in the streets, and riots.  In each case, our enemies have initiated the first use of force.  They have been intimidating us for generations.  We, the normal people who love our nation, have finally had enough.  The loud-mouthed midget who would be our oppressor has poked us in the eye just a few too many times, and we are tired of it.  It is time we stood up to our full height, and showed the weak and cowardly left our true strength.

Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau famously said that your enemies win when you kill them.  He is deluded.  Your enemies die when you kill them.  They no longer attack you, your children, your spouses, your churches, your country, or your nation after they die.

We have held out tongues and turned the other cheek as small minded zealots have offended and struck us over and over, repeating their actions for scores of years.  So-called "moderates" stand aside and allow our enemies to flourish, while holding our fists behind us, preventing us from striking back at our foes in righteous anger.

The cold civil war has grown hot.  There are no longer any moderates - there can be no moderation in war.  There are only combatants and noncombatants.  When you join in the conflict, you choose a side to support, and a side to oppose.  Moderates attack us more often than they attack out opponents.  That makes moderates a third faction, allied to our deadly enemies.

We must not mistake moderates as noncombatants.  By entering into the fray, they take up arms against us.  They are, at best, quisling traitors to be purged from our ranks.  Anyone who says "lay down your arms and apologise for fighting those who want to kill you" can not be seen as anything other than base traitors.

Do not forget that we fight not just for ourselves, but for the future existence of our people and our culture.  Judge your actions carefully, for most people have not yet awoken to the reality of the existential conflict of these times.  We still need converts and recruits from among the masses of noncombatants.  Remember that Big Brother is always watching, and will always scramble your words to his will, and will show your actions without context.  We must document our actions and proactively show the truth.  We need our own journalists to counter enemy propaganda proactively - live-stream events as they happen.  Edit recordings to show conflicts and actions in the best light for us, as our enemies will certainly do so to discredit us.

Never lie - our enemies lie constantly and continuously, and truth is our greatest weapon and recruiting tool.

Never trust strangers - our enemies are legion, and lie in every word and deed.  They have spent the last century worming their way into organizations and infiltrating groups.  Judge them by their actions and their private words, not their public proclamations of good faith.

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