Friday, September 22, 2017

Wherein I pontificate and prognosticate

The US Constitution is dead.  It's fertilizing the soil, pushing up the daisies.  It's an ex-document.  It's been dead for at least 80 years (killed by progressive socialists) , and its rotten stench is what's wrong with America now.

So, how do we make a new constitution, and what should it have in it?  The previous Constitution (RIP) was written by a large group of passionate men who agreed and disagreed on principles.  They had recently fought a war for independence from a great power, separating themselves forever from the motherland.  They had different backgrounds and interests.  What they had in common was a vision of a free and prosperous America, with a very limited federal government holding the States together and protecting them from foreign attack.  The federal government was to handle foreign affairs, war (also a type of foreign affair), settle disputes between the states, and set basic standards (related to settling disputes).  Oh, and deliver the mail.  That's about it.

How do we get back to that limited vision of government?  Is it even desirable, not to mention possible?

I believe the the US is headed for a reckoning, simply because I keep my eyes and ears open, and have some basic background in reality and history.  Stein's Law will always hold true - if something can't go on forever, it must eventually stop.  The US is $20 trillion dollars in debt now.  The national debt doubles roughly every eight years - two presidential terms.  Did you know that in 2015, debt payments took up over 7% of all federal revenues?  That fiscal year, we spent $229 billion paying for old debt, and added $583 billion in new debt.  Mandatory spending (medicare/aid, social security, welfare, etc.) occupied 76% of revenues.  The US government spent 50% more on health care alone than it did on defense that year.  And this was before the Obamacare boondoggle spending had really started.

This can't continue.  Therefore, it must end.  According to current projections, by 2033, debt payments will consume all federal revenues.  By 2033, social security will consume all federal revenues.  By 2033, health care spending will consume all federal revenues.  By 2033, all other welfare programs combined will consume all federal revenues.  Do the math.  We're talking about mandatory spending equaling 400% of revenues.  This simply can't work.  But it's what we will stumble into if we don't change things now.

By now, I mean by 2020.  During President Trump's first term, it will be possible to fix these problems, but the solutions will be painful.  By 2024, the solutions will be excruciatingly, "Mommy make the bad man stop" painful.  After then, failure mode is inevitable.  None of this is new.  Ross
Perot ran on a platform of fixing these problems, which were easily foreseen.

We must elect new politicians to fix this mess.  We can't count on the same old ones - they've been ignoring the coming catastrophe for literally decades.  But we clearly seem unable to do so.  So we're going to have to shake up, or break, the political status quo.

One way is with new parties.  After all, small parties have been the lifeblood of American politics since the founding.  Not.  For better or worse, the American system doesn't seem to admit or tolerate the existence of more than two major political parties.  It's been tried.

Another way is to influence the existing parties to do better.  We see how well the Republican party learned its lesson after the 2006-2008 election cycles.  They've gained the majorities in both houses, as well as the Preidency, and are now using their power to do everything their base wanted them to do.  President Trump has accomplished his meager goals of building a border fence and repealing Obamacare, which every Republican candidate vowed to repeal and/or replace.  Train loads of illegal alien invaders are daily being repatriated to Mexico, from whence they came.  Immigration by anti-civilizational Muslims (that is to say, all Muslims) has been banned, and those who came in before are being sent back to their homelands.  The Tea Party wing of the Republican caucus is respected, admired, and nearly revered by the rest of the party members, as well as the donor class.   Oh wait, none of that has happened.  None of it is likely to happen.  All of it needs to happen for America to survive as America.

That leaves few legal options.  Mark Levin recommended a convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution.  I do believe this idea is the last, best hope for a peaceful resolution to the current crises.  But I have no faith that it will actually happen at all, much less in time to do any good.

You see, I understand history and basic human nature.  No politician is ever going to upset an apple cart to prevent a catastrophe that can't be seen from an earthworm's eye view.  Where's the money in it for them?  That leaves the historic method of solving these problems.

Rivers of blood.  Given the current population, make that oceans of blood.

On the other side of this ocean is a shore which we can not see.  There is a shore, of course.  Not all of us will reach that shore - some of us must be sacrificed to the sea.  I can see a future, twenty or thity years from now, where the population of these United States is between 150-200 million souls.  This future involves over a hundred million dead or displaced people, and results in a new and different America.  It might possibly be a better place, but that's not guaranteed.

I can also see a future, twenty or thirty years from now, where the population is over 400 million souls, a minority of which consider themselves American.  There will still be a place on world maps called America, but the America that we know and love will be dead.  It will have dies by assisted suicide, as it lacked the will to live.  When it is preferable to kneel before the stranger's knife than to acknowledge the existence of the stranger, is the final act murder or suicide?

We can change our Constitution now, or after veritable oceans of blood have been spilt; or we can wait for strangers to dictate how we shall live in what used to be our own lands.  The only thing we can't do is continue on as we have been.  That is not an option.  Stein's Law always holds.

Changes, they are a' coming.  Which way will the wind blow your family?

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