Friday, April 13, 2018

A call to action - but what action?

From blog comments.  My best thoughts usually come in reaction to something else I read.

It has to be an offensive on multiple fronts. We must retake the high ground to be successful. Education, entertainment, news media, the courts, and the legislatures. Those strong points we cannot take we must bypass by creating our own. We must also take back the streets, and meet violence with superior violence.
Where are the right wing ideologue investors? Where is our George Soros? Where are the hundreds of interlocking charities and NGOs? Where are the armies of lawyers, on retainer for both defense and offensive lawfare? Where are the boycotts and demonstrations? Where are the busloads of “temporary resident” voters, such as those that recently decided a special election in Pennsylvania? Where are the home schooling foundations and organizations? Once we control sufficient news coverage, then and only then can we utilize passive resistance tactics in the streets to influence the undecided middle. (The Left enjoys violence, and delights in splitting heads.) Where are the militias?
Where are the right-wing think tanks? Not the Conservatism-Inc. job placement boards – actual intellectuals, dedicated to the cause of advancing the Right by any means available. Where is our Frankfurt School? Where are our right-wing indoctrination centers, better known as universities? Where are our right-wing teacher’s colleges, where the future is programmed?
Where are the right-wing comedians and entertainers? Steven Crowder is great, but he’s only one guy. Where are the right-wing movies? As the Left had the “Lethal Weapon” series, so must the Right build entertaining dramas with explicit and implicit values and messages.
In the end, it may very well come down the street lamps and ditches. That’s not where it needs to start. But we need to be prepared, because when things go pear shaped, it happens unbelievably quickly.

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