Thursday, May 10, 2018

They haven't seen "toxic masculinity"

My comment to this article: regarding "toxic masculinity" and involuntarily celibate men.

Men suffer more from autism and Asperger’s than women. So women mock them for their disability. Very mature and compassionate of them.
Young men will do almost ANYTHING to get laid. The primary drives of young men are: eat, sleep, fight, screw. Not necessarily in that order.
Bucks grow antlers to fight each other every fall for the chance of having sex, and go without food for weeks in the constant quest for available does. Male praying mantises literally have to die to mate. Black widow spiders earned their name.
Most of Western Civilization is conditioning men to NOT rape, murder, loot and burn. Personal responsibility and self restraint are key to this. That’s why the Left’s constant attacks on Western Civ. (formerly known as Christendom) are doomed to cause far more harm than any marginal good they could possibly accomplish.
Islam is founded on encouraging men to do these things. (To non-Muslims, of course.) The explosive popularity of Islam to unattached young men was not a coincidence. When you allow the older men to keep harems, the only hope young men have is to conquer new territory and capture a bride.
The Zulu conquest of Africa began when their culture changed, and demanded that young men must first kill an enemy before they could marry a woman. They then slaughtered their way down half a continent, and killed over 10% of the total population of the continent. So that each man could take a woman (and ranch cattle).

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