Sunday, January 22, 2017

CNN is Fake News

I saw on CNN last night that Trump's inauguration didn't draw much of a crowd.  They showed pictures comparing Trump's inaugural crowd with a similar one from Obama's second inauguration.

Here are the comparison pictures they showed, both allegedly from 'shortly before noon' on their respective days.

Now take a look at a Getty Images photo, looking out over the crowd from the Congress building, clearly taken while President Trump was standing at the podium.

You may notice a slight difference.  Mainly, the absence of large white spaces on the Mall.  Clearly, the photo CNN used for their "news" story was taken before or after the inauguration - while the crowd was gathering or leaving. 

I noticed the discrepancy this morning on the cover of our local paper - which had a full page picture from the inauguration, looking from the Congress building at an enormous crowd, filling the space to the Washington monument, and clearly showing full bleachers in the distance.

Please, CNN, tell us about more about fake news.  There's a reason why we call you the "Commie News Network."  Perhaps there's a relationship between faking the news and poor ratings?  They may want to look into that.  It might be a newsworthy story.

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