Friday, January 19, 2018

What the Left needs to know about us Americans

Things Leftists need to understand about us actual Americans:
Feminism is cancer.
Socialism is an evil death cult, not an economic theory.
Private property is essential, as is the “you aren’t the boss of me” attitude.
Homosexuality is a sin. Homosexuality and transvestitism are mental illnesses.
Freedom must include the freedom to fail as well as the freedom to succeed.
All men are created equal. And then they’re born.
Abortion is murder. Claiming it is not is virtue signalling to the demon lord Baal.
America is white (in culture, not necessarily skin tone), Christian, and we speak English here. If you don’t act like us, you aren’t one of us.
It's all fake news. The Left OWNS the mainstream media, and constantly shoves their agenda in our faces. Abortion on demand? Special rights for gays and trannies? Racial preferences? Evil Christianity? BLM? Global warming? Feminism? Socialism? Gun control? “Drumpf” “collusion”? All Leftist, all in the news constantly, and preached at almost every public high school and university.

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