Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What happens at the bottom?

Warning:  This is another physics post.

What happens inside a black hole?  According to standard theory, any particle falling into a black hole stops experiencing time at the event horizon, as it accelerates up to and then past the speed of light.  It's possible that particles experience negative or sideways time - the theories are inconclusive, and we can't have any experiential evidence for obvious reasons.  The particle then continues to accelerate, reaching infinite speed and infinite density at the central singularity.

According to my theory, the particle accelerates up to the speed of light - and then apparently stops accelerating.  There is no more source energy for the particle to gain speed, and the gravity gradient at the event horizon bends from a 90 degree vertical to a flat, zero degree horizontal at that point.  The particle would maintain its speed, and still wouldn't experience time, essentially acting like a normal photon.  The particle would zoom towards the center, eventually reaching and interacting with the particles already there.  Presumably, the forces that prevent particles from sharing states outside a black hole would still prevent them from sharing states inside of one, so at the center is not a singularity, but something like a Planck star.

Unless a negative energy state is possible.  Then things get more interesting, because the energy gradient wouldn't bottom out, and particles could accelerate past light speed to ludicrous speed (which is, naturally, plaid).  This speed isn't infinite, however, because the particles translate from our normal, real-number universe into the complex plane universe.  They would then accelerate out at relatively random speeds and energies into the i plane, while seeming to form a singularity in the R plane.

Which one of these conditions is true?  It's impossible to tell, really, without experimental verification.  To which I say, "It might be dangerous.  You go first."

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