Monday, February 26, 2024

How stupid the lies are

Zelensky, dictator of Ukraine, recently claimed that they have lost a total of 31,000 men so far in their war with Russia.

Bwehahahaha -wheeze- hahahahha!  

They lost 1,500 dead and 1,000 captured in just the two day rout from Avdiivka.

I'm sure this announcement had nothing to do with the cancellation of all future elections.

Remember:  They announced last November that they'd lost over 1.1 million men so far.  Which, when you take into account their population of less than 25 million, means they've lost around 10% of their total number of men.  Naturally, they immediately arrested the people responsible for accidentally leaking the (likely) true figures.


  1. Somewhere, in D.C., there's someone that needs a little more cash, but the military contractor is demanding more business from from Ukraine. They've already determined what works, so now they need the extra money to develop their new product.

  2. That must be a report from Baghdad Bob's cousin Karl Kiev.

  3. Crazy Z - would have made a great used car salesman.


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