Monday, February 12, 2024

The five basic principles

There seem to be five basic rules, or principles, of the universe.  They are simple, yet have remarkably profound consequences.

1. The total energy at every point is a constant.
2. There is no such thing as negative energy.
3. Spacetime is the field governing motion.
4. Time is the source of all potential energy.
5. Proper time is a type of spin.

All else follows. There are no infinities. There are no singularities. There are no contradictions. Proper time appears to be left handed, except for antimatter.

"Proper time" is the time you feel, by the way.  It is the time that affects you.  Photons have no proper time. 

Black holes are hollow shells of maximal density surrounding absolute nothingness.  All the energy has been taken from the center by the mass and energy of the shell, leaving nothing for anything else to exist.  This is how black holes can rotate and move about the galaxy.  The hole grows as energy density increases, pushing everything out into a spheroid shell.


  1. I've often tried to imagine the universe from the viewpoint of a photon. Unless I hit anything, everything happens all at once.

    1. Possibly the weirdest thing about photons is that they don't have proper time. Time doesn't happen to them, and yet they are changeable, which takes time.

  2. There is no such thing as negative energy..
    You just don't Know Her..


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